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Ghost Whisperer

Remember the moment I talked about Ghost Whisperer in my LJ because it's the first and last time.

OK, the good...

Jamie makes a hot corpse. Um, he got hit by a truck shouldn't he have, ya know, had his face messed up instead of looking so darn pretty.

Jamie got to be funny. Well, as funny as the writers of this show could muster. His comment about the makeup feeling heavy cracked me up.

The bad...

Everything else. How, HOW?!, is this show a success? It's BAD. Like Phantom Menace bad. Is it the writing? Does J Love have the ability to suck talent out of people? I mean, some of the regulars on the show I've seen on other shows and they're not bad, but here? P-U.

Yes, J Love has great breasts. I'm pretty sure they are hers, but do they have to have such a large role in the show? Of course, the only thing worse than having those shoved in my face was when they were covered up by the Puritan collar. What were they thinking with that dress?

Sorry, no one who looks like Jamie is going to become such a huge failure. Worst case scenerio, he'd end up a salesmen somewhere. And I reiterate my statement from TaBfAYW - the boy cannot play drunk. ;)
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