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BSG - 'Dirty Hands'

Yes, these will be brief thoughts because I don’t really know what to say about this episode. It wasn’t bad TV, and I liked that we got to see what I always presumed were bad conditions amongst the rest of the fleet, but, with the exception of Tyrol, who were these people?

Cally - I admit it. I called Cally a bitch twice. Apparently, she’s taking over the Lady Macbeth role from Ellen Tigh. And when does someone start buying into the words of the man who signed the paper ordering her death? Oh, and Dee only got promoted because she married a Caprican? No, it's because while everyone went down to the planet she stayed behind, yes, for her boyfriend/husband, but also to help protect everyone who went down to the planet. Bitter much Cally?

Laura – Um, I’m at a loss. She talks about the horrific conditions that people have to endure around the fleet while she sips wine with Adama? The woman so concerned about the civilian fleet and their welfare doesn’t make an attempt to go see for herself what Tyrol was talking about? And she needs Tyrol to direct her to begin a work rotation? Then we go from her basically stating that they have to live with the status quo of a hierarchal society to negotiating with Tyrol.

Adama – OMGWTF?! OK, sure, he’s been narrow-minded, short-sighted, and an asshole when people dare question/defy him, but having Cally arrested and threatening to execute her on the spot without a trial? Come on! Yeah, I get having fears of the fleet being left defenseless, but that was extreme and bizarre and as much as I hated Cally I hated Adama more.

Lee – He wasn’t in this ep, thank God. They just got his characterization back on track last week I didn’t want to see them muck it up again.

Zarek – Also not present, but, gee, wouldn’t he have been a good guy to have around considering his past?

One thing I did like was Seelix’s situation and how it echoed Lee’s last week. Both characters had/have greater ambitions then their present circumstance, yet are trapped by fate, bad luck, whatever you want to call it. I’m actually rather torn on Seelix being allowed to train as a viper pilot. If she is integral to the flight deck and maintaining the various ships, should she be allowed to become a pilot? Not to mention, I feel as if the clock is ticking on when she’ll be killed off now.

danceswithwords made the comment as we were IMing that the show use to do a good job of showing both sides of an issue. The anti-union side seemed to be made to clearly gain our support and their argument reinforced by the people on the opposing side making Draconian decisions and very un-character-like pronouncements.

Oh, they mentioned the algae and algae processing, so, hey, one bit of continuity.

On the other hand, what was with Laura's comment implying it's been two years since the attacks? They spent sixteen months on New Caprica alone.

No podcast up for this yet, not that I'm suspicious.
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