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From Ask Ausiello:

Question: Any scoop on Battlestar Galactica?— Ananya

Ausiello: All you guys praying to the Sci Fi gods to increase the show's fourth-season episode order from 13 to 22 should be careful what you wish for. My friends over at are suggesting that those nine extra episodes — should they be commissioned — would actually be used to wrap up the series. As in permanently.

And here is the link to the SyFy Portal story.

I think many of us were predicting season 4 would be the last so this isn't exactly surprising to me if it's true. And as long as the series gets a wrap-up I'll be happy. My one problem with this is that the BSG movie seems to be a go and I thought that was part of a possible twenty-two hour commitment. So, now that's separate? Maybe we'll get some straight answers once this season is over.
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