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From Ask Ausiello:

Question: Any scoop on Battlestar Galactica?— Ananya

Ausiello: All you guys praying to the Sci Fi gods to increase the show's fourth-season episode order from 13 to 22 should be careful what you wish for. My friends over at syfyportal.com are suggesting that those nine extra episodes — should they be commissioned — would actually be used to wrap up the series. As in permanently.

And here is the link to the SyFy Portal story.

I think many of us were predicting season 4 would be the last so this isn't exactly surprising to me if it's true. And as long as the series gets a wrap-up I'll be happy. My one problem with this is that the BSG movie seems to be a go and I thought that was part of a possible twenty-two hour commitment. So, now that's separate? Maybe we'll get some straight answers once this season is over.
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This pisses me off. Oh, no. Not the extended episode order.

Ausiello giving legitimacy to Michael Hinman, douchebag of the western world. Seriously makes me want to throw things. VERY large things.

Hinman is a pompous ass hack who when he is stealing articles from other sources or the rare crew member interview he somehow snags, just pulls stuff out of his ass. Oh and he and EJO are BFF.... or something.
I hear ya. I was rather surprised to see Ausiello (though his popularity has seem to have gone to his head too) give Hinman that much credit. I also saw another site claim Hinman as some sort of insider who gets scoops all the time. I do think there could be some truth to what he is reporting, but he's been wrong as much as right and when he is right it's material he's gotten from other sources. The news about BSG's impending renewal was making it's rounds two days before he reported it.

Gee, I got Jamie to hint that something was up with the show and Sci-Fi. Maybe I can be an insider now too! ;-)
You'll always be MY favorite "insider". ;) Oh, and I meant to say thanks for that e-mail last week!

Chiming in with a "ditto" to everyone else here, especially the jabs at Ausiello. I used to think he was just having fun with the whole famewhore thing, but now his columns and "Report" posts are way too smug and sound like he's believing his own hype. 'Course, all the sycophants who write in certainly help him out with that.

Sorry, didn't realize how much I'm starting to LOATHE the guy. I could probably be even more vicious here, but I'll restrain myself. ;)
This pisses me off too, because Hinman is a ginormous jackass who's never had a legitimate scoop as far as I've seen, why Weedle talks to the man I don't know. (Hinman once quoted something I'd written on AATP as coming directly from Tahmoh... yeah, because Tahmoh updates the site himself. Lol.)

Networks just don't make season renewal decisions like this. What if Season 4 does better than they expect, but they've ordered the "end" of the series?

MrsRon said like two days ago that Ron et al. are still planning on 5 seasons and she'd tell us if that changed. Eh, I tend to believe her over Hinman.
I don't buy into anything Hinman reports either...usually because I've read it elsewhere days before. ;) I figured I'd just be the first to post and allow evefyone to attack. :) My feeling is until this season is over, we'll get no definite word on wether season 4 will be 13 or 20 eps. And either way they should have ample time to wrap up any lose ends.
Apparently Ron Moore was interviewed by Jim on last night's S2D and said he's planning on S5. Also no Pegasus prequel... so the movie topic seems to be up for grabs.
No Cain/Pegasus prequel? Oooh, good. I'm pleased to hear that. It would have been a let down -- having a "Battlestar Galactica" movie that wasn't about the Battlestar Galactica.
The fact that the number 22 is being mentioned as the possible alternative order makes suspicious; BSG has never had a 22-episode season, and the Stargate shows, SciFi's only non-13-episode-season properties, have 20-episode seasons--SG-1 since Season 8, Atlantis since the beginning. Which is not to say I don't think Season 4 might be the last, and hope that they have plenty of warning to wrap the show up, but this information doesn't look right.
The number 22 sent up flags for me as well. It's been widely reported (by reliable sources) that there was the potential for 22 hours of BSG - up to 20 eps plus the 2 hour movie which has been given a green light apparently. I would think at the end of this season Sci-Fi would be determining 13 or 20 episodes. And since they have just begun plotting out season 4, wouldn't Ron have enough time to wrap the show up in 13? Why would Sci-Fi need to give him nine more eps?

I do believe there is a lot of stuff going on we don't know about. However, I know when I was at the Con I could have sworn I heard Jamie state something only to find out later from him and then a transcript of the Q&A that I had my 'facts' off. I wasn't completely wrong, but I also think I heard what I wanted to. My point is, whoever the source is may have picked up bits of information and either filled in some blanks or heard what they wanted to because it made for a juicier story.
(Oops, should've added this to my other reply.)

I'm really starting to wonder if the DVD movie is the big problem Jamie alluded to when you talked to him. If it's planned as a strictly straight-to-DVD commercial release, I doubt it's included in those five-season contracts the actors signed back before S1. They'd all have to negotiate separate contracts for the movie, and they'd have new bargaining chips they didn't have back then. That sort of negotiation would definitely create tension between the actors and the producers, for many reasons.

And I have serious reservations about the whole "side stories" aspect of the movie. RDM et al are going to have to work hard to create something that tons of fans would pay $10-20 to see. The Pegasus story might've been interesting, but I wouldn't pay extra for it (so I'm glad it's apparently not going to happen.) I think RDM dropped the ball by specifying it wouldn't have anything to do with the S3 cliffhanger or setting up S4. Fans would be far more willing to pay for something like that, than for two hours of stories Ron and David didn't find important enough to film in the first place.

Wow, me being so negative? That's a first!
{snerk} Hinman has more than once reported fanwank and labled it as spoilers. If that's Ausiello's source...he doesn't know Jack.

That being said, if 4 is to be last season, and they're being given a heads-up this far in advance, I don't necessarily view it as a bad thing. I knew they'd get the 4th season (to insure the $$ from syndication), but a 5th season is iffy. Unless ratings continue to climb, I suspect that we'll see it come to a close after season 4...and I don't need Hinman to tell me that.

BTW - Ausiello has reported in his column that he thinks the rumors over the big plot twist in the next episode are just part of a deliberate misinformation campaign by Ron Moore and David Eick. {groan} Ausiello may be a fan, but he definitely can't be considered a reliable source.
Unless ratings continue to climb, I suspect that we'll see it come to a close after season 4...and I don't need Hinman to tell me that.

Yeah, I think 99% of fandom feels that Season 4 may be it so this big news Auseillo reported just shows he needs to spend more time surfing the net.

What happens in the next ep I think is what it is, no misinformation involved, but I also think there is more to it just like any other plot point on the show. The problem is Ausiello wants to be the in the know guy, but he's dealing with a show where the showrunners and actors are fan friendly and willing to share information via a wide variety of outlets. There is no way he's going to scoop anybody on BSG.
whatever happens, regardless of how many eps we get, or when the show ends, i hope RDM is given ample time to work on the ending, so he can finish telling the story exactly the way he wants to. i don't want the studio and the ppl with the money going back and forth with this, confusing fans and everyone else.

godsdamnit! they should just decide something and stick to it! it seems to me they all want to have their cake and eat it too!