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New Picks of David and James

Since some of you my friends have not yet friended drc1 (And why haven't you? She gives great linkage. :p) here's a link she provided earlier today:

David and James courtesy of TV Guide

As thrilled as I am to see James on the cover with David, I'm also I bit ticked off about the whole thing. Anyone else feel this is a slap in the face to the rest of the cast? The other actors who put in three or four years of good work and helped make the show what it is? I'm sure James presence will help boost the ratings. Still, the right thing would have been the WB insisting on the entire cast appearing on the cover. They all deserve it.
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I understand what you're saying, and I agree. I love seeing James on the cover, but feel bad for the rest of the cast. This seems to be the WB's way, though, spotlight one or two people and ignore the ensemble. I remember Nicky Brendon saying something to that effect a few years ago. It's not the actors' fault, it's the network's. They go for the big splash, as James is news. Here's hoping the rest of the cast gets their due.
I think they should have put up a big picture of Connor with the caption "He's gone! It's safe to come back!"

Re: Marketing
LOL. Actually, after my disappointment with last season, I wondered if I'd even be that interested in watching this coming season. Course, then I hear James has signed on and now I *have* to watch.
Re: Marketing
Yeah, gotta show support to the boy.

I would have watched anyway, although I'm with you on last season's disillusionment. I'm interested to see if/when/how the deal with Wolfram and Hart bites the Angel team in its collective backside. Besides, bad Joss is better than most other shows anyway. If David and Steve can step away from the comic books, it should do better.