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Stargate Season 10 Catch Up

I am still massively behind in my Stargate viewing, but at least I am caught up on this current season. As I went to play Episode 18 it hit me that there are only two epsiodes left...and I was a bit saddened by that thought. I finally feel as if I know these people and now they are going away. Well, not completely, but two hour movies and SGA guest appearances just aren't the same. Cam worked so hard to get the band back together and now it feels as if they are all going their separate ways. :(

Bad Guys

From the mind of Ben Browder! No surprise, the man knows how to bring the funny. And I really enjoyed the case of mistaken identity and how they are forced to assume these roles assigned to them. Poor Daniel is horrified at the thought of having to play into everyone's misconceptions. Telling the truth and doing the right thing have always been so important to him. He really has to be pushed in some horrific way to stray from his beliefs and there is really nothing here to do that. It ends up coming down to the worst case scenerio presented by Vala or play the villian for a few hours until SG1 checks on their status. That's a no brainer.

And I'm not Michael Shanks biggest fan, but he was hilarious here. The security guards attempts at being the big hero are thwarted by Daniel's need to have as much information as possible and inherent politeness, particularly in first contact situations. What terrorist would calmly ask, "To whom am I speaking?"

I'm pretty sure this script would have been in development, if not completed, when word of the cancellation came, but Cicero served as a nice reminder as to where Daniel came from. Unfortunately, Cicero is not going to be afforded the same opportunities as Daniel was.

My one complaint about this ep would be the ending. Cam was able to talk his way out of the situation with relative ease.


As much as I loved Chris Judge being given something to do, I was rather 'meh' about this ep. I found myself missing Jack and his "It's a Jaffa revenge thing" a lot. Jack always supported Teal'c, but he was also rather bemused by Teal'c quests and would question his single-mindedness and reasoning. Granted, Teal'c walked away from the SGC and the team had no authority to do anything at that point, but I missed someone stepping up to make a stronger argument about the potential craziness of his plan.

Man, I really thought Bra’tac was dead or on his waying to being so. But this is SG1 and not BSG and they are unlikely (the exception being Janet) to kill off popular characters.

I'm sure Arkad was lying through his teeth, but the actor was good enough that he made me wonder if maybe he wasn't the bad guy he was being made out to be. Perhaps had the series continued he would have stuck around longer so we could explore what his intentions really were. I would have loved to discover he wasn't a clearly defined villian, but had shades of grey. Then I remembered again that this is SG1.

I also missed General Hammond. Landry was such a tool here. If Hammond thought he was being played there was no way he'd just go ahead and follow orders and hope for the best.


Given Cam's dialogue, "They cancelled it, really. I didn’t even know the new season had started.", the show knew they had to wind things down. So it struck me as a bit odd to do a) such a lighthearted story and b) a Vala backstory/family reunion so late in the game. Putting that aside, some of the explanations for Vala being who she is didn't totally work for me. Sure, a neglectful father who also is a con artist helps to explain aspects of her personality, but what about being a host for a Goa'uld? All the suffering she would have caused others? I always felt being part of SG1 was her way of making some amends. And her father didn't mention anything about that. Did he not know?

It's nice that Sam and Vala have become such pals. I know Sam and Janet were close, but Janet wasn't part of the team and she had a daughter to take care of. Sam's never had a female friend that she can just hang out with at any time. However, if Vala was a real friend she would have never allowed Sam to buy that dress. Cam must have ben distracted by the cleavage. ;)

Speaking of Janet, Dr. Lam is no Janet. I know she only got the role because she's married to Shanks and I actually didn't mind her on Andromeda the few brief times I saw her, but she is bor-ing and uninvolving here.

And do I care about Landry's personal life that we haven't even hinted at in like a year?

OK, it's not listed on IMDB, but I could swear the actor playing Davidson played Lt Thorne on BSG.

Initially, Daniel irritated me with his pushing Vala to reconcile with her father (some people really don't change and can't earn your trust), but the more I thought about it it made sense to me. I think his heart was in the right place, Daniel wanted Vala to be free of all these negative feelings she had for her father. And Daniel has his own list of regrets - losing his parents at a young age, years of bitterness towards his grandfather, not being able to save his wife after numerous attempts - and he doesn't want Vala to miss her opportunity to try and make things right for herself because he knows she may not get another chance. It didn't work out as he had hoped, but I sensed that Vala was at least relieved to know she gave her dad that one last shot and that her assumptions about him weren't wrong.

Um, yeah, the icon has nothing to do with this post, but NEW BAMBER PICS! And I had to share. ;-)
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