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Zap2It review of 'Maelstorm' and hints at what might be to come - it's up to you if you consider that spoilerish.

That crazy Starbuck was given a second chance, and when the wheel turned back and she did sit at her mother's deathbed, she stopped being Starbuck. Her entire personality was the crazy, and when she voluntarily voided that, there was nothing left for her.

Interesting point that when she got to go back to that moment when her mother died and, in her mind, got to change events she stopped being Starbuck. I'm not sure I entirely agree with that. Perhaps because I believe our personalities are formed by numerous events and people we meet. Her difficulty in forming attachments and opening up to people started well before her mothers death, imho. And Zak's death has definitely had an inpact on her romantic relationships, most obviously with Lee. But there have been theories that Starbuck dies and Kara comes back and Andy Greiser's statement would help support that.

First, the original series killed off Apollo, and then resurrected him on the Ship of Lights, which is more than a little the precursor (at least in set design) to the Final Five Cylons. Second, the geekiest among us will remember that in an unaired "Galactica 1980," Dirk Benedict's Starbuck ascended to become part of the Ship of Lights. More pieces in the puzzle: The current incarnation's writers have said they plan to re-imagine the originals' Ship of Lights plotline, and have made noise about Starbuck returning as something more. Plus, Kara has that whole Destiny thing...

OK, I remember the Apollo storyline clearly and I also recall Starbuck dying, but I have no recollection of him ascending and becoming part of the ship of lights. Of course, it's been years since I've seen that episode and it was a re-edited version so it could be true.

And I'm spoiled, but I haven't read any interview with Ron or David in which they state they plan to reimagine the ship of lights plot line or anything about Kara coming back as "something more". Did I miss something? Or is Mr Greiser taking bits of information and extrapolating it into something more?

Still no podcast up. NOT THAT I'M SUSPICIOUS!

Oh, and the extended deleted scene finally appeared on the Sci-FI site.
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