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Of 'Heroes' and 'House'

First House because I LOVED this episode. Yes, I know it's bad form to put reactions outside the cut, but since this is a positive one I think you will forgive me. ;-)

Dave Matthews and Hugh Laurie playing piano together. Wow. As sweet_ali said the only thing better would have been them playing guitar. And they need to work in House playing the piano more because Hugh playing piano is just...I don't know, I actually got lost in the moments when he was playing.

Putting aside the music for a moment, this episode seemed to incorporate everything I love about the show.

So, Cameron is sleeping with Chase and making out with House. Hate her! ;) OK, I wouldn't call myself a House/Cameron shipper, but I do like them together and since Cameron's has stopped mooning over him and putting him up on some pedestal I see the possibility of making a relationship work between the two. I loved that their first kiss was her manipulating him. Not that she hasn't wanted to do that for years and didn't enjoy it, but she had an ulterior motive. And she got to point out that he did kiss her back and perhaps would have done more had the situation been different.

I loved that not one of them can keep their mouths shut. So much for HIPPA. ;p Btw, working in a law office, I can tell you that information can spread that fast if not faster.

Even though we had a House/Cameron kiss, my favorite moment was when Chase announced to House that he was sorry he was dying and that he was going to hug him. Hee! And he was soooo starting to cry. It struck me in that moment that House has become a surrogate father to Chase and Chase was having to face losing another parent.

I actually started wondering if House really did have cancer. It would be a heck of a twist, but isn't he suffering enough? His lying and being completely unrepentant for it was in-character, but the why he was doing it feels off to me. It seems excessively selfish even for him. I thought perhaps the reveal was going to be he was testing them or trying to get them to do work for him. Since I liked everything else so much it's a small quibble and I can live with it.

The ending was one of the best they have ever had. I love it when a show leaves it to the viewer to decide what the character will do next. I choose to think he did go through the door, not because he's taking steps to improve a social life he's never had, but to get back what he's let slip away in recent years. This would not be the first time he sat down with Chase, Cameron, and Foreman during a meal.

The "Are you happy?" exchange between father and son killed me. I actually got a bit teary as Kurtwood Smith broke down. I really appreciated that the writers wrote the father as such a loving parent, trying to do his best for his son, and not someone using his son's talent for financial gain and fame.

And it just dawned on me that Kurtwood Smith has now had to deal with two Eric Foreman's. Hee.

I've been rather 'meh' on this show since the first couple of eps and just as I was thinking of giving up on it we had last weeks episode. I know everyone loves Claire and Hiro and I like them too, but I really think Mr Bennet is my favorite character and I never thought I'd be saying that about the guy from Dynasty! Ok, when he told his wife this week, "I could never love you enough"...damn. As much as I believed he loved Claire and was trying to protect her, I was never certain how devoted he was to the rest of his family. But with that one line it showed me how deeply in love with his wife he is and that all those times he had to erase her memory must have been incredibly difficult and painful for him. Oh, and the bitch who impersonated Mrs Bennet needs to die.

Ando! He's been following Hiro. He can't leave him. That's so cute...and a little slashy.

Grandma Petrelli rocks! I just loved how casual she was with the 'Come in, Claire'. She's raised two boys who just can't leave things alone, why should her granddaughter be any different? I hope Nathan gets to meet Claire soon. When talking to her biological mother he seemed to have a genuine interest in knowing how she was doing, what she was like, etc.

We also discover that Nathan has been working to nail Linderman since the accident that crippled his wife. Whatever Nathan's other faults may be, he seems to have strong ties to his family and is very protective of them.

Malcolm McDowell is evil. Not really a surprise.

Peter finally got his haircut! Woo Hoo! Unfortunately, he had to have his head sliced open to get it, but I'll take what I an get.

I probably should feel bad for Mohinder being tortured, but my only thought was, 'Damn, he's not dead.' Can I hope he bleeds to death when they return in April?

I know many people like Jessica/Nikki, but it's like we are getting the same scenes over and over again with her. And Nikki is verging on whining with her 'It's Jessica, it's not me! Stop me! Please!' Ack.

Nathan Lane is going to be on 30 Rock this week. Nathan Lane and Alec Baldwin together. If you don't hear from me afterwards it's because I died of laughter.
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