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Tim Daly Fans Rejoice!

Er, maybe. Considering his recent track record with ABC, I probably shouldn't get too excited. From the TV Guide website:

Wings Man Cast as Grey's 2's McDreamy

Tim Daly is set to guest star in the 'enhanced' two-hour episode of ABC's Grey's Anatomy.... According to the breakdown, Daly's character is described as 'handsome, sincere, like a McDreamy.

Paul Adelstein (Prison Break's Agent Kellerman) also has been set to guest star in the episode, with an eye to costar on the potential Addison-centric spinoff toplined by Kate Walsh.
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I've watched it from time to time. It's not bad. I just don't know what's supposedly great about it.
Hee. Kellerman was originally supposed to play Burke on Grey's. Looks like the producers haven't forgotten him. As well they shouldn't. He's awesome. And just imagine the trouble they may have avoided if he'd taken the Burke role. Heh.
Interesting. I did not know that. Burke seems to be kind of an ass to me from the little I've watched. Maybe Kellerman was lucky to have his hiring delayed.
Laura showed me a clip on YouTube of them making out on Eyes. OMG SO HOT. I can't wait for this.
I wonder if Kate Walsh had a say in the casting, since she played Tim's ex-wife on "Eyes".

D'Oh! I totally forgot about that! It's possible they remained friends and she did put in a word for him. I mean, if she's going to have to makeout with someone it might as well be him. :)
Yes, as he obviously is very good at it, though you know, they'd probably want to practice. Lots. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Wow. Great news. 2 good guys in GA. I think I need to watch S3 more attentively :) Thanx for the news.
And there was rumors that JDM will be there in last ep of S3. It's def. worth to watch :)
Oh yay! It'll be so nice to see Tim on TV again (I'm speaking purely for myself here, since I haven't watched anything he's been in since Wings. Yes, I know, *smacks self*).

On a side note, I think having an Addison's Anatomy-type show is a fabulous idea, and Meredith Grey can just bugger off and go to hell. :D
and Meredith Grey can just bugger off and go to hell.

Hee! She really does suck the life out of her show. ;p

If you want to see any Tim goodness I have all the eps of 'Eyes' and 'The Nine'.
mmmmmmm... Tim Daly.... can you promise he'll wear a tight black t-shirt?