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The Eep! There is Only One More Stargate Left Post

This felt very, very rushed. They didn't change their plans my ass. Perhaps they didn't alter the finale much, if at all, but this episode felt like four squeezed into one. The wrap up (sort of) of Adria's arc left my head spinning and not in the good way. She's captured. She's captured again. She's implanted with a Baal's symbiote. She's dead. She's ascended. She slices and dices!

It could have been intriguing having Baal in Adria, so to speak. It would have made for some interesting interaction with the various SG1 members. On the other hand, Cliff Simon would have been missed and Morena I don't think could have pulled off such a complicated peformance. She never exactly wowed me playing this all powerful villian. Adria always felt more like a little girl playing at being an adult and throwing temoer tantrums when everyone didn't bow down before her. I just can't imagine her convincingly conveying the struggle between Adria and Baal for supremacy.

I didn't suspect that Vala had had a false memory implanted, but I did assume that her seeming abandonment by her friends was part of some plan. It's just unbelievable that they would ever turn their back on her. Well, Landry, yes. When he got up and walked out of the room on her I was pissed - Hammond would never do that! - and it seemed in character.

I loved the video footage of Vala. I'm not sure which was funnier, Claudia's performance or Shanks conveying Daniel's frustration behind the camera so well. And I really hope Vala got that pay raise. :)

While I Don't think Vala was being entirely truthful with her 'I'm not her mother' claims, when she picked up that gun and was prepared to shoot Adria it was clear who Vala considers family. Perhaps that was one good thing about introducing Vala's father so late in the show's run. We saw the life she born into and the one she was forced to create and how neither offered her much. She's connected to these people by blood, but nothing more. There is no trust or support and every attempt to bond with her has been born of selfish motivation. Cam, Daniel, Sam, and Teal'c have provided her with something she may have not known she wanted or needed until she met them and now she will fiercly protect that and them to the point of ending Adria's life.

Ok, is it just me or did anyone else think Daniel was going to kiss Vala? You crossed the friendship personal space line there buddy.

Teal'c wasn't tortured or beating people up. And he made some good points. Apparently they do recall how to integrate him into the plot.

When I can guess what Sam is going to say before she says it, I've been watching too much of this, haven't I? And how did she and Vala and Teal'c fail to realize that Adria now had a symbiote in her? Aren't former hosts suppose to sense Goa'uld?
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