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Weekend Plans

No exciting plans Im afraid. Inspired by cousinjean I think I am going to do a To Do list and see just how much I can accomplish. To entertain me while I'm To Doing, I ventured to Blockbuster this morning and rented five films.

Since I haven't been there in months, I was a bit overwhelmed. Adding to my confusion was the fact I knew there were films I wanted to see yet wasn't quite sure of the names of them. :( But after walking from one end of the store to the other and looking at every fricken title in new releases, I was successful.

My selections? Sadly, they only had the full frame version of Unfaithful. Hopefully, not too much of the smut is cropped off. :p Picked up Secretary because I've heard so many good things about and I trust writteninstars - for the most part. ;) Had to get the 25th Hour with my boy Ed Norton. And I got excited because the two not as recognizable films (and ones I lacked titles for) were available. Below a WWII supernatural thriller set on a sub. I'd read about this film a year ago but I don't think it ever got released to the theatres. The reason I wanted to see it was Bruce Greenwood, one of my favorite (and grossly underated) B List actors (Bruce Campbell and Gary Cole being two others). And they had Lost in La Mancha - the film of the film that never was. It depicts the disasters that befell Terry Gilliam's attempt at making 'The Man Who Killed Don Quixote' which was to have starred (pay attention jonsiexxx ) Johnny Depp.

So, if I'm not around much this weekend my friends, you know why. Hopefully, I'll love a least a couple of these enough to rec to you all.

And now my rant for the day...why is the post office closed Saturday AND Monday? Don't these people get enough days off? I'd have been very pissed off if I had to go farther than next door. Sorry lynnb and dragonfly0303, you'll have to wait until next week for your comic.

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