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The Son Also Rises

If you don’t know my feelings on this episode, you really don’t know me. ;)

The Lee/Anders scenes, in addition to launching many fan fics, were very nicely done. I’ve always felt that they could be friends if not for Kara. Now Kara is the one who brings them together. They understand how much pain the other is in and instead of having one of their usual pissing contests over who loved her more, they are taking a remarkably mature attitude to accept how much they both meant to her, she to them, and they support each other in their time of grief. And for Anders Lee is the closest connection he has left to Kara. His, “I’ll see you around” seemed like a genuine hope that they would stay in touch.

I got Lee not wanting to put that picture of Kara up on the wall. Once he does that it means she’s really gone and he’ll have to let go and move on. Anders was going through the same sort of semi-denial, but whereas Lee was internalizing his pain, Anders made a much more public show of emotion.

My one fear for this episode was that we wouldn’t get any signs of the depth of Lee’s grief. I thought we’d see Lee bury the feelings deep, focus on his work whether it be as CAG or assisting Lampkin. And he did do that to an extent, yet he seemed just a bit emotionally healthier than I expected him to be. He was trying to resume his life and the daily activities that go with it, but I didn’t get the sense that he was pretending that everything was normal and OK. Yes, a flood of emotion is waiting to come out, I can sense it, but if he’s hiding feelings from others, at least he isn’t hiding them from himself.

Lampkin manipulated Lee to his advantage, but I see it as a positive thing for Lee. Lee was finally allowed an outlet. He was able to sit down and talk about himself for a change. And the childhood memories of his grandfather led to a nice revelation that while Lee may respect his grandfather in many ways, he hates that he chose to defend the worst of the worst and be ostracized for it. Perhaps it’s what is holding him back now. His idealistic beliefs haven’t made him many friends and have often put him at odds with his father. He’s worked hard to get to the place of respect he is at now and even faltering a little as he did in the pilot’s briefing cost him something.

I am getting frustrated with Adama being the worst father ever. I actually sided with him when he grounded Lee because Lee’s lack of focus could have hurt him or others. Adama could see that Lee was still troubled by Kara’s death, so did he try and talk to him about it? No, he strips Lee of his position as CAG, the one thing that is centering him and providing him with a sense of identity. Then he assigns him to a job that perhaps he isn’t suited for and berates him for failing at it. Which probably caused Lee to tune out the fear in Adama’s voice as he states, “You could have died”. Lee is all Adama has left, he doesn’t want to lose him, yet every action he takes only succeeds in pushing him further away.

I’m also dumbstruck by Adama’s cluelessness as to the depth of Lee’s suffering. Maybe Lee should tell Adama why he feels his pain greater because as Lee put it so well, “You have no fraking idea”. But the look of devastation on New Caprica, Kara and Lee beating each other bloody, Lee’s marital problems are all pretty big signs that Lee and Kara were more than just buddies. Of course, Adama chose to be oblivious to his wife being a alcoholic shrew who abused their sons, so why not keep the blinders on and not have to deal with other people’s problems?

I have to say, this is the first episode in awhile in which the dialogue really stuck with me. Two lines in particular I felt spoke volumes. “You’ve had enough stolen from you already.” - was Lampkin just referring to the loss of friends and family or does he realize that Lee feels as if he’s had his life taken from him? Intellectually, Lee knows that the Cylons are responsible for him being trapped in the military, but, emotionally, I think he still blames his father. He joined looking for love and acceptance from his father and after both the sacrifices he’s made and all of his successes he still hasn’t heard what he so badly wants to hear. Which leads us to…”see me or see someone else.” And I think it’s finally hitting Lee that his father has never seen him. Or when he has seen him, as in KLG, Adama dismisses it as an act of rebellion and takes it personally. When Lee once again challenges his father by disobeying an order, Adama does what he always does - walks away with a disgusted look instead of trying to talk to the man in front of him.

Some random observations…

Kara’s birthday card was both funny and heartbreaking.

“Yeah, well maybe you should take a rest.” Oh, Lee, I empathize, but don’t sound like a bratty twelve year old, OK?

I think it’s safe to say that Baltar is in love with the Six in his head and not so much Caprica. They need to get to her? It broke my heart when she asked, “Did he ask about me?” And I love how Lampkin was able to use Baltar’s words and spin the truth of them to get Caprica back on their side.

Lee was smiling in the last scene with Lampkin. It’s been so long since he’s had an easy, relaxed conversation like that. And if circumstances were different I’d be writing a fic on how the gets the glasses back to the president. ;)

Captain Kelly? That may have had more of an impact if this wasn’t like the forth time we had seen him in three years.

It struck me that half of Lee’s role was to react what was going on around him. The fact that I could read every thought and emotion clearly is a testament to Jamie’s acting ability.
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