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Stargate Season 6

Well, I am finally caught up on the backlog of SG1 on the DVR.

Redemption Pt 1 - I have to say Jonas seems to be adapting remarkably well for a guy who left his planet and life behind. Doesn’t he even have some family or friends he misses? This does not seem like a guy who committed treason and sought asylum with a bunch of people he barely knew.

SG1 has gone through nine Daniel wannabes. One lasted all of two hours. Poor Jack just can’t replace his boyfriend.

Hey! It’s Zak Adama!

OK, did they have to name Col Chekov, Chekov? I keep waiting for Sulu to show up.

They killed Teal’c wife! Eh, never really knew her. And Rya’c has daddy issues. Is this a theme for sci-fi shows?

I don’t know which is worse, the gate blowing up or Rodney being brought in to help.

Can someone explain to me how Jack with the bad knee could fly the jet?

Redemption Pt 2 - Interesting parallel stories. Basically, earth is screwed unless Teal’c, Bra’tac, and Rya’c can find a way to stop Anubis. And their plan actually makes sense. All of the Goa’uld technology is stolen and it’s unlikely that Anubis would know how to repair any of it.

Hey! It’s Aaron Douglas!

Rodney was genuinely upset that his ego allowed Sam to be hurt which makes him slightly less of an asshole.

I’m still a little confused about how they could move an active gate, but I’ll handwave. I did like that it was Jonas’ simple observation that helped put the plan in motion. I’m not even sure Daniel would have seen that. Renting a gate from the Russians is amusing, but since they can’t run their own program for lack of money and expertise this is the best they can do. And Jack throws them a bone by saying they can have an SG team.

Descent - Ninja Jaffa? Really??? And they are knocked out and forgotten apparently. There are some humorous exchanges. I loved Jacob’s “Just be careful” to Sam and her annoyed, “Yes, Dad.” And as Jonas is trying to bond with Teal’c, wondering if it was as hard for him to break into the group, Teal’c bluntly states, “No, it was not.”

It’s interesting that the apparently booby-trapped ship was actually Thor’s consciousness trying to help earth out. And they found a way to bring back Thor, so, YAY!

Pretty cool underwater moves by Jonas. No surprise he would come to the rescue since he needed to prove himself.

Nightwalkers - OK, I pretty quickly tuned this one out because it felt like an ‘X-Files’ episode and not particularly well done. I did like Jonas enjoying the food though.

Frozen - So, they never really explain how the three million year old woman survived all that time frozen in ice, do they? (And with perfect hair and makeup!) To me that was a bigger deal than her being a carrier for a virus. And as soon as Jonas started warming up to her (Get it? Warming up? OK, I amuse myself…) you just know she was DOOMED.

Jack accepting the symbiote sort-of makes sense. To save his own life he wouldn’t do it, but if he knew it had information that could help potentially save thousands? Yeah, I can buy it.

And I find my Jack love growing – “I forgot to tape ‘The Simpsons’…It’s important to me.” I understand Jack, I understand.

So how many gates were found on earth? Three? That seems like a lot. And is the Antarctic gate the one at the alpha site?

Abyss - OK, I was wondering what the point of ‘Frozen’ was and it was to get Jack to accept a symbiote and set up ‘Abyss’. Baal is much more evil here than I am use to seeing. But I appreciate that he isn’t as over the top in costuming or has the VOICE OF DOOM that most of the Goa’uld exhibit.

It didn’t take long for Shanks to return. danceswithwords helped to explain some of the reasoning behind Daniel popping in for a visit. As much as I liked seeing Daniel, I had a hard time buying him being there. The other Ascendeds let him pop out for a visit? And Ascended beings aren’t supposed to interfere which means he can’t break Jack out of the facility, yet he can help him to ascend? Would the rest of the ascended beings want him? He does not play well with others.

It was an interesting twist that Kanan went back to save the girl because of Jack’s moral code – that they don’t leave their people behind. Well, sometimes they do. It helps if you are friends with an SG1 member. ;)

Favorite exchange:
Jack: “You wanna be my Oma?”
Daniel: “I wouldn’t put it that way.”

Shadow Play - This was an odd episode. I suspected almost immediately that the resistance Dr Kieran was involved with was all in his head. It didn’t help that the hallucination of Jonas seemed like some sort of sinister robot. My big problem with the story was the POV issue. Yes, we have had many scenes in the series where there is no SG1 member present, yet the scenes still indirectly involved them. Their presence would be there even if they weren’t. So when we are entirely focused on Kiernan and why he’s behaving as he is, I felt disconnected from the story.

The one thing I did like about the episode was how the team was encouraging the Kelowna government to reveal the existence of the Stargate so, as Jonas put it, the people of the planet could focus on their similarities instead of their differences. Before anything could fly out of my mouth, Kelowna’s president (?) made the point that if they believed that to be the case, why is their own Stargate still a secret? Snap!

The Other Guys - Man, this was a funny episode. Hearing John Billingsly, who would later star on Enterprise, get indignant about dressing as a Vulkon, not a Klingon, at Trek conventions was a hoot. As was the nerd/geek exchange. Other favorite lines…”You’re a guest lecturer at MIT!”…Teal’c’s response to Jack’s resume gag - “It needs some work, O’Neill.”….Jack’s - ”You ended that sentence with a preposition…Bastard.”

As much as I laughed, the story made no sense. Two science guys with no military training mounting a successful rescue? The Jaffa didn’t notice them walking around in those ill fitting uniforms? And I really didn’t like the ending since I couldn’t figure out if it was all a dream or just the medal ceremony was the dream.

Allegiance - It’s the very special episode where the Tok’ra and Jaffa learn to get along! Um, that’s about all I have to say about this. I did like the new Tok’ra, Malick, even if he was a bit of a coward. And once more the Tok’ra point out that they have been fighting the Goa’uld for a millennia to which Jack responds, “Just when should we expect some progress on that?” Hee!

Cure - Any time a race presents you for the cure-all for disease, you just know there is a catch. Sure enough, it’s symbiote pool water! I love how it was alright with the Tok’ra to see the Queen suffer when they thought she was Goa’uld, but boy when it’s their queen, sorry, you can all die now. It was painful to hear the queen reveal that she had purposely given birth to, essentially, brain dead children in order to put an end to her suffering and to get some revenge.

Hey, Flygirlcassie over at the Jamie Bamber Forum found a really cool link to a BSG on set visit.. There is some really detailed and interesting behind the scenes stuff reported on by a gentleman named David. There are a few teeny, tiny spoilers for the finale, he was there while they were shooting 'Crossroads' back in December, but he is very careful not to ruin anyones enjoyment of what is to come. If you are up to date in watching and know what the focus of the finale is going to be, I don't feel that there is anything there that will reveal or ruin anything.
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