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Sometimes My Life Is Very Surreal

Sometimes fandom feels like a second job, though I wouldn't mind it being mt primary one. It's more engaging than what I do from 8 to 5. I'd make a joke about getting paid for what we do online, but that would bring up some bad memories of an online fiasco (not mine!) from a few years back.

Basically, since Sunday, my life has been pretty consumed by fandom. I'll try to make a long story short. If you are dying for details, check out some recent posts at jamiebambernews. Back in January, I posted pictures of an unknown photo shoot that Jamie had done and on Sunday I was contacted by the photographer of the photos, Howard Webster. He was rather surprised to find his photos online, especially since some of them weren't meant to be seen and those that were were to be used in the next edition of Factory magazine.

To his credit and my relief he wasn't angry, just annoyed and curious as to how I found the photos. I e-mailed him back to apologize though it was clear he did not believe any harm was meant, to offer to remove the photos, and to explain I was just as clueless as he was as to who the original source was. To my amazement not only did he graciously respond that he appreciated my follow-up, but preceded to convey his experience working with Jamie, attached a PDF of the three page fold out they intend to use in the magazine, and made an offer to, if there was enough interest to warrant it, publish a limited edition of the magazine with Jamie on the cover for the fans. O_o

So since Sunday I've been trying to help organize, with the assistance of melian_eresseie, making this happen. Here's the post explaining where we are at. We need to collect requests for roughly a thousand copies by Saturday. Pretty daunting. The short turn around time is because the magazine goes to print on Tuesday. If anyone feels inclined to spread the word, please do so. The e-mail I'm using to collect requests is bambernews (at) gmail (dot) com. I'm just asking for name, e-mail, and number of copies desired right now.

Earlier this evening I finally managed to talk with writteninstars and since she caught me in the middle of all this she got to listen to me ramble on about it. I mentioned that when I started the Comm I never expected it to be a big deal. Her response? She burst out laughing and said she knew when I started it that I was basically screwed. I love you WIS. ;p

Um, in other news....

The last episode of Stargate SG1 has aired. I'm still waiting to see it. Sigh. And I may get a little teary when I do see it. I never thought I'd say that.

Apparently someone has posted a very detailed recap of the final two episodes of BSG. As much as I love spoilers and I'm happy to know what I know (which does include some plot twists), this is crossing a line and could potentially ruin my enjoyment of the show. So I am being good and staying clear. The promo has me psyched for this week and I don't want that enthusiasm diminished.

I saw 300 this weekend and enjoyed it quite a bit. Stunning visuals and barely dressed men. What more could a gal want? Well, while I had no problem with the nudity, I could have done without the gratuitous sex. And it took me awhile to figure that we were seeing the movie through the perspective of someone listening to the fanciful tale told by the narrator. After that realization, some seemingly bizzare characters suddenly made sense.

Because of the above, I haven't gotten to the podcast. Maybe tomorrow.

And now it's after 2:00am and I should try and get some sleep.
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