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I just got done watching the series finale of SG1. WAAHHHHH!!! Yes, I watched it at lunch, at work - you do the math. ;) I will have much, much, much more to say later, but I needed to say one thing now....


OK, yes, I figured they'd forgot the whole damn thing and, grrrrr, they weren't allowed to say they loved each other, but, still! I really thought we were going to find out everyone was celibate for fifty years. While I can buy that of Landry and Teal'c, Sam and Cam didn't hook up? Puh-leez!

Overall, I loved it (details to follow later).

Um, did anyone else wonder if Ben and Claudia had flashbacks to 'The Locket' what with the forgeting everything and bad makeup?
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I KNOW! I really didn't think they were actually going to go there, for all the hints they threw around. And this being Stargate, I think the "I didn't just get together with you because we were trapped on a ship" was enough. The do-over doesn't bother me, because they were headed in this direction before, and that hasn't changed. And people who loathe the idea can enjoy the open ending.
The do-over didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. They didn't finally get together until three months from the point they are back at now. Does that make sense? The point is I can believe they both need a little more time to commit to each other.
i loved this episode. and not just because it was the last. i just loved it because it was character driven and fun, while being bitter-sweet at the same time.

i dunno why, but i kind of sort of halfway felt that sam and cam did hook up. he kissed her over the christmas dinner table (mkay, which might have meant nothing), but i dunno, i just had that feeling. :)

i actually teared up watching vala cry and daniel scream at her. the only thing i could think of that in spite of everything, daniel is such a dick at times. seriously! i was happy to see the two of them together, being happy for so long, but still.

overall, it was a beautiful ending. now we sit back and wait for the movies.
"i actually teared up watching vala cry and daniel scream at her. the only thing i could think of that in spite of everything, daniel is such a dick at times."

They should have rewritten that part until it was maybe one or two notches less mean; I think they had Daniel go a bit too far and didn't dwell long enough on the turn (explaning that he sincerely thought she was messing with him). As it was, he deserved to get punched.
yes! i completely agree. i wanted the two of them together, and i was glad they found happiness, but he was too mean. i wanted to hug vala so badly, and i halfway hoped she's slap him.
he kissed her over the christmas dinner table

But he also kissed Vala who was sitting on Daniel's lap. Which does provide some interesting fanfic possabilities. ;)

daniel is such a dick at times.

He can be. There have been times I've wanted to slap him in conversations with Jack. Of course, I've also wanted to slap Jack on occassion. And Sam once or twice. I don't think I've ever wanted to hit Teal'c though. :)

I thought it was a good ending. If nothing else it was emotionally satisfying.
true! but since it wasn't specifically stated that they didn't, i'm gonna continue believing they did, and maybe found some happiness the same way vala and daniel had. :) plus, their names rhyme, how cute is THAT? :D

i think i've wanted to slap them all at some point or the other. i even wanted to slap laura once *gasp*. it happens. :) but this, THIS crossed the line for me.

it was! i can't wait to see the movies.
I have watched the Vala and Daniel scene about four times (and plan to make that five in a minute). As for Sam and Cam, she was staying faithful to Jack, who remember probably was without her for about half an hour in his time. or at least, that's what I plan to think.

I'm glad we were finally able to see some serious romance and it was possible as neither of the pair were military. And as for the do-over, yes, in my opinion they're definitely heading that way anyway.
Yeah, the do-over isn't as problematic as some I've seen. And Daniel and Vala will hook up they just need about three more months. ;)