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The Last Episode of Stargate EVER!

Thor, old buddy! The little grey guy has really grown on me. I hate to think of him and the entire Asgaard civilization as being gone. I understood their reasoning for doing what they did. Once they all succumbed to the disease it would be easy for the Ori to swoop in and take all their technology and knowledge. And it made sense to pass their history and legacy on to us since we are a still developing race, yet one that has shown an intent is to bring peace rather than war to the galaxy. Sam lost me with some of the techno babble at the end, but I'm assuming they didn't lose all the nifty upgrades and knowledge of the Asgaard when she was forced to disconnect the power source. I'd hate to think of their civilzation lost.

Speaking of upgrades, seeing them so easily blow up an Ori ship was cool. It also begs the question of why not help the human race out sooner. ::handwaves::

"I hope it's ray guns. I have ray guns in the pool." Cam sounded very Jack-like several times in this episode. Part of me wondered if they had hoped to get RDA for a cameo, it didn't happen, and they gave the lines to Cam. I can't say I missed Jack, but I would have liked to have seen him get to say goodbye to Thor.

Cam did not deal well with being trapped aboard the ship. It makes sense. He's a pilot and a soldier and there was nothing for him to do there. I won't say he was useless, but I could see him feeling that way and the frustration growing. He couldn't even be the leader of the team with Landry around. It reminds of Dee's line to Lee on BSG, "You need a war." I don't think Cam needs war, he'd be thrilled if they could defeat the Ori and be done with them, but he needs something to engage him physically and mentally and he was struggling. Ben was terrific as Cam finally broke down and trashed his room.

I already mentioned OMG DANIEL AND VALA HAD A RELATIONSHIP! The scene that put that in motion is troublesome though. Actually, my exact thoughts were, "You asshole! You're making her cry!" It's all very confusing. Even though I think the show failed to ever fully convey the grief Daniel felt over losing his wife, given his lack of relationships or even attempting to pursue one not under some alien influence, I can rationalize that what he said to Vala about opening up to someone, trusting someone again, is all true. And part of me wondered if he was testing Vala. Perhaps he had a last little bit of doubt that she truly cared about him so he decided to say all these horrible things to her and see if she simply stomps out of the room and moves on or breaks down proving it's more than just sex for her. But, no, he was surprised to see her crying. He really was completely clueless as to the depth of her feelings for him. I guess what really bugs me is that he has seen her change and grow. Knows the sacrifices she's made and that she is willing to die for a cause, for them, if need be, yet he can't fathom that she changed emotionally? That she may care deeply for him and want a relationship?

I wish Chris Judge had had more of a role. It was fitting that Teal'c got to be the one who stayed behind, not just because he has a longer life span, but because he's the only one of them that would not be tempted to use or share the knowledge that he has now. But he didn't get a big scene or any small emotional moments like the rest of them. Yeah, he's a stoic guy, but don't tell me fifty years stuck on this ship had no effect on him.

I loved Claudia Black. No one can cry (believably) like that woman does. And she was actually much like Cam in that they both were fearful of being trapped on that ship. The difference being that she got to share her life with someone and has the ability to make her own fun. ;)

Funniest line: "I'm gonna go crazy and I'm taking you with me."

Funniest exchange:
Vala: "I took hostages"
Daniel: "I was there."

I did have some quibbles with this episode. After watching around 150 hours of this show and seeing Sam pull them out of impossible situations in days, if not hours, I had real trouble believing that, suddenly, it takes her over fifty years to figure out a way to save their asses.

The use of a musical montage was very odd. I don't recall it ever seeing that done on this show before and for a few moments it removed me from what was playing out on screen.

I was assuming the makeup would be bad...and I was right! As I mentioned earlier, with the presence of Ben and Claudia, the horrible makeup, and the 'Of course they forgot everything!' I was having flashbacks to the Farscape episode, 'The Locket'.

But even with some plot problem, it was an emotionally satisfying conclusion to the series. I'll actually miss these people...until the direct to DVD movies. :)
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