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Tonight's 'Supernatural'

The fact that I'm talking about Supernatural probably has caused brynnmck to start bouncing up and down in her chair. Don't get too excited Bryn. ;p Yes, I will be watching tonight's ep and I encourage my fellow BSG fans to as well because Tricia Helfer guest stars. And here's a nice interview with her at Zap2it in which she talks about her guest turn (no spoilers other than a basic description of the part she is playing) and the "cute boys" she got to work with. :)
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Hey, I am all about more people watching SPN, whatever the reason. ;)
OMG! It is the End of Days!

I just read an interview with Jared Padalecki where he mentioned that Tricia had a heavier role than a lot of their guest stars do, so I'm looking forward to it. She's so awesome.
Stoopid time zones or we could all watch together. Of course, we could all watch again Friday. But maybe DWW isn't recording it.
I'm up for anything! But you guys may not want to watch it twice. Hee. (I mean, I expect to love it. But it is My Show--or one of them--so.)
Watch BSG alone. Not have someone to squee about SG1 DVDs with. Not know about Jamie Bamber's every move. ;p