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A Quick Thought About James' Comments at DragonCon

First off, I'm glad to read that he and the attendees are not rehashing events from Season 6 and Season 7. Thank you for moving on folks.

I have yet to read a full Con report but perusing various LJ's I've noticed a trend. James claims he doesn't look at the internet. Fair enough, I'll believe him. But someone in his camp must. There seems to have been much inuendo - especially of the slashy kind - this weekend. I'm not criticizing him for giving the audiance what it wants. I'm just noticing that somebody is obviously clueing him into what's being discussed in fandom.

And one interesting tidbit regarding Venitian Heat (look away if you consider casting changes a spoiler, I'm not doing a cut-tag)...

Patrick Dempsey has dropped out do to the male kissage (according to James). I guess your career is so hot right now you can pass over a good movie role. Oh, wait, it's not. :p
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