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I'm at the start of a long, hopefully relaxing, weekend. I needed to use up some vacation days before my 9 (?!) year work anniversary next month. I have no specific plans other than massive amounts of cleaning, TV watching, perhaps some baking, and hopefully finishing up an HH fic I've been working on. Actually, a draft is done, but it needs tweaking. The end feels a little rushed to me. But, shockingly, it has an ending that I like. And as soon as BSG wraps season 3 this weekend I can start plotting out my epic. MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!

If anyone is wondering, yes, I did purposely take off Monday with the intention of staying up to the wee hours of the morning to obsess about/discuss the season finale. Wanna make something of it?

I actually had a decent week this week. The dream of a special edition of Factory magazine with Jamie on the cover is not dead. Though we are a looooong way off from achieving 1000 copies. If you feel like it, please spread the word. ::bats eyelashes at you::

I ended up getting ripped off by not one, but two postage machines at the post office on Saturday. After business hours, of course, so there was no one to speak to. But I left a message written on the back of a stop mail card stating I'd be back on Monday to discuss the matter and slid it under the manager's door. I was all prepared for an argument when I returned and, color me shocked, they were very nice and gave me all my money back!

Someone at work (not in my department) who I called on her ugly comments some months ago and it ended up splitting apart my regular lunch group and ending friendships because half the people sided with me and the others took no issue with her statement that all Hispanic men are short and fat (I won't even mention her gay jokes), well, she quit! Woo and Hoo! Turns out because of some of her behavior, which I won't go into, she's been getting a frosty reception from a lot of people at the office and she, apparently, felt she needed to go elsewhere. I'm enjoying this because she and her sister (who also works at the firm) seemed to think giving me the cold shoulder was having an affect on me accept not because the last kind of people I want to be associated with are those that trash others to feel better about themselves.

Anyone watching Raines? I don't know how I feel about this show. I sort of like the characters, but I also feel like Jeff Goldblum is playing Jeff Goldblum. And twenty minutes into last night's ep I knew exactly - and I do mean exactly - where the story was headed.

On the plus side I caught a commercial for Law & Order: SVU and since it's a show I don't regularly watch I wasn't paying much attention until heard "guest starring Tim Daly" Eeeeeee!!! Of course, what sucks is that House returns that night at 9:07 and running until 10:07 thus overlapping with SVU and I can't record both at the same time! I don't think. I wonder if I can record to a disk and the DVR? Must look into that.

Speaking of shows running at different times, here's my first reminder that BSG is airing from 10 to 11:05 Sunday. Set your TIVOs and DVRs accordingly. I'd hate for any of you to miss....whatever happens in the final few minutes. ;)

And now off to do stuff away from the computer...
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