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Today Must Be the Day for Reminders

For those of you who don't regularly watch The Dresden Files (I do, but am not fannish enough to talk about it...yet), but think Claudia Black is awesome (you should!) you may wish to check out this Sunday's episode since she's guest starring. She also appears to be doing an American accent. Hopefully, she does better than Ben does with the Aussie accent.

And I'm on Day 2 of not watching that yahoo preview clip featuring Lee Adama. I was *this* close to clicking on it, but I talked myself into waiting to see it on a 27" screen rather than a 2" x 3" screen.
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And I'm on Day 2 of not watching that yahoo preview clip featuring Lee Adama. I was *this* close to clicking on it, but I talked myself into waiting to see it on a 27" screen rather than a 2" x 3" screen.

Be strong! Only another 48 hours... ;->
I just keep telling myself that this is it for seven months. It helps. Accept when I think about the seven fricken months. :/
Y'know, if I were really evil, I'd lovingly copy/paste all the glowing praise about that scene from fans and critics. And I'd tell you that even though it's not *that* spoilery, Jamie does kick some serious ass in it.

But I'm not evil, so I'll just congratulate you on your willpower!
Oh, I know about the scene. It's the one Mary praised Jamie for at the Con and he shushed her for it. ;) And I have read a few critics reviews who have made particular mention of him and I know the scene itself isn't really spoilery. But if people who aren't Lee Adama centered are blown away by it, imagine my reaction? So, yeah, I'm trying to wait until Sunday to get the full impact. :)
Dresden Files started reminding me of Charmed three weeks ago. Same two weeks ago. Last week I didn't watch.

Whether Claudia entices me back tomorrow night depends a lot on how bored I am at the time and whether my Internet is working. (If I have Internet connection, I can find non-Charmed ways to amuse myself).

btw, my Internet is befucked. This is a rare moment when things are working.

I'm very boring today. Sorry.
Sorry about the net access. I know if I was denied mine I'd be freaking out. Addicted? Me?

I think I largely stick with 'Dresden' - other than the fact it airs before BSG and there is nothiing else on - because I really like the two leads. At this point they are better than the material, but I've actually found the show improving as it goes along.

Consider yourself lucky you passed on last weeks ep. It was the original pilot and the rumors were true, it sucked.
I can't figure out how that was the pilot though, considering the "later" episode introduced Bianca and that Murphy knew more about magic than she did in all the other episodes combined.
The first book in the series was 'Storm Front' and this episode was entitled 'Storm Front' and was reasonably faithful to the text (down to Harry's fat cat and difficulties with electornic devices). The main problem may have been trying to cram a books worth of material into about 44 mnutes of film. It was very choppy. And, for some strange reason, they opted to keep the reporter and lose Bob which makes no sense. They've also chosen to tone down the supernatural element a bit which I think was wise.

I had heard, through the rumor mill, that the original pilot was scrapped tdue to extreme crappiness. It would seem that SciFi changed their mind either to save money by making this one of the thirteen ep commitment or lengthening the season by one episode, we shall see. But by airing the ep it screws up continuity. As you pointed out Murphy has a much greater knowledge of Harry's world and we are introduced to a very different (though truer to the book) Bianca than we will meet later. It's very odd that they were much chummier earlier (which was actually later) and suddenly enemies here with no explanation. If they wanted to use the footage they could have at least flimed a new intro and ending to frame it as a flashback ep then it would have made some sense.