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Stargate Season 6 and Other Stuff

I know you’ve been waiting in breathless anticipation for more of my reactions to Season 6 of ‘Stargate’.

Prometheus - So this is where the Prometheus was introduced. It looks so much smaller in an underground hanger. I’m having some trouble with this brilliant plan of theirs. The reporter barely batted an eyelash when treason was brought up so they really expect her to sit on this story? And they apparently really need to do some work on their background checking process. Oh, they were in the military, so of course you don’t need to worry about them! How many of their own people have bit them in the ass now? At least Q Simmons got blown out into space.

Thor! Oh, so this episode was really all a set up to lead us into Jack taking the ship on a mission to save the Asagard.

Unnatural Selection - The replicators have evolved and look like their creator now. This is a shocking revelation for SG1. And these humanoid replicators go by numbers. And one feels stronger ties to humanity than the rest. Hey, wait a minute, haven’t I seen this somewhere before? They even have Tahmoh Penikett! Ron Moore, you thief!

I’m still not certain how they can stab into someone’s forehead without spilling a drop of blood and read the person’s thoughts. And making Jack relieve his son’s death is probably the cruelest thing anyone could do to him.

Poor, ‘flawed’ number five. They did use your humanity against you. And considering I know you show up again down the road they may have wanted to try for a Plan B.

I loved the Jack/Hammond exchange early in the ep, especially Jack telling him to press one on the speed dial and Hammond replying, “My grandchildren?”

Sight Unseen - Giant parallel dimension bugs. OK. This was kind of an odd ep for me. They solve the problem half way through and then spend the rest of the time looking for Vernon. Eh.

Smoke and Mirrors - Or CSI:SGC. A murder mystery? Really? While the outcome of SG1 plots is fairly predictable, this is a real no-brainer. Was RDA already requesting extra time off? I find it hard to believe Jack wouldn’t be more actively involved in proving his innocence. And how does Jonas recognize a guy from the Gate room and not Teal’c? The one thing I did like was Teal’c awesome glare that can make suspects tell everything they know.

Oh, and the arms dealer is the CAG from the BSG mini!

Paradise Lost - Is it wrong how much I enjoy seeing Jack and Maybourne hang out? I probably shouldn’t be sympathizing with Maybourne after all the crap he’s pulled. But unlike Kinsey, whose actions are solely for personal gain, Maybourne believed what he was doing was for the good of the country. He also seems to genuinely like and be concerned for the welfare of SG1. And Jack seems to have changed his view of him significantly enough to let him go.

Metamorphosis - Oh, Jack, you shouldn’t have let Nirrti go. I’m also having flashbacks to ‘DNA Mad Scientist’ with the makeup they are using. And which came first this episode or X-Men because somebody is ripping somebody off. Sadly, I found myself less disturbed by the prospect of Sam turning into a puddle than Jonas being seduced. Jonas/Corin, you are just NOT THAT GUY.

Disclosure - A clip show. Kill me now. This would have been great if I hadn’t just caught up on five and a half seasons. Though, I finally have the gate situation straightened out. The original gate was on the ship that crashed into the ocean and was recovered by the Russians. SGC then took the gate from Antarctica. When that one got blown up, they ended up leasing the original gate that the Russians. Hey, wait a minute, they’re leasing their own gate? They need better lawyers.

Hammond spends the entire ep telling the delegates how awesome SG1 is and how many times they have saved the planet. Um, shouldn’t they have maybe made an appearance at the meeting? Did RDA get more time off?

Kinsey seemed smarmier than usual. And dumber. Does he really think it’s a good idea for the world to know about the gate at this time?

Thor! Thor saves the day. Loved him waving his finger at Kinsey and informing him what Jack had requested be done with him. Yes, nicely played General Hammond.

Foresaken - I actually enjoyed this episode quite a bit, if only to see my suspicions and Jack’s proven right. I also like that the show addresses, rather subtly, that SG1 tends to lean to supporting and trusting those races that look like us. Which is interesting considering the Goa’uld take human hosts and can easily deceive people.

Of course, Jack is naturally distrusting whether he’s dealing with humans or aliens. And Sam wants to reach out to people, especially when she discovers they have technology that they could benefit from. Unfortunately, throw in a cute guy who is flirty with her and watch her IQ drop by about 50 points. I swear, I actually thought she was going to hand the guy the Zat.

Jonas seemed to catch on pretty quick that something was wrong. It was far too convenient that he had all those shiny gold artifacts lying out and then leaves the room with his computer on allowing her access. Instead of leading them back to SGC, I thought he planted a gate address to some hellish planet and he planned to give them the slip at the last second. Oh well, this works too.

The Changeling - This was a trippy ep written by Chris Judge. Man, I never realized how much Judge changed his voice and demeanor to play Teal’c. I have to admit I had no idea where this was going until Daniel showed up. (Seriously, why did Shanks leave if he keeps making guest appearances?) But then that really wasn’t Ascended Daniel, just Dream Daniel. Apparently Ascended Daniel just drops by to see if Teal’c is going to be OK. Do all Ascended beings do this? Visit their friends? It seems odd.

I knew Teal’c lost his symbiote at some point. This would be that point. Ah, the Tretonin, I actually remember that. And the Tok’ra have been working on it and made it to work to some degree. Cool.

Speaking of the Tok’ra, I caught The Tokra Pt 1 & Pt 2 finally thanks to a SciFi marathon. Once again, I’m reminded why it took me until Season 4 to warm to this show. That was a hell of a lot of exposition. And Jacob was kind of an ass. You’re in the military and your daughter is working on something top secret, don’t get all huffy when she refuses to join NASA! And I can see where Jack gets his Tok’ra issues from. Oh, sorry, we can’t trust you to keep our secret so you’re now are prisoners. Still, it was nice to get some background on this race.

I successfully managed to make my friend S a Slings & Arrows fan yesterday. As part of a belated birthday celebration I cooked her breakfast, somewhat successfully, I still have bacon issues, and we watched the first three episodes of Season 1. She's very hard to read unless she thinks something sucks, so after the first episode I wasn't sure if she was enjoying it. But she agreed to watch another episode and before that one was finished she asked:

Her: 'Um, did you say you had all these on DVD?'
Me: 'The first two seasons. Would you like to borrow them?'
Her: 'Yeessss'

And I told her the final episode of the final season airs this week on Sundance. Once I record that and get them all on disc I am to get them to her ASAP. From her laughter I think Oliver may be her favorite character right now.

Oh, and I picked up on something that perhaps I should have picked up on sooner. During the final phone call between Oliver and Geoffrey, Geoffrey is about to tell Oliver exactly what he thinks so he can erase him from his mind when Oliver hangs up on him. Moments later, Oliver is run over by the pig truck. Is that the moment that allows Oliver to haunt Geoffrey? Had Geoffrey gotten to say what he wanted to would Oliver had ceased to be? Would Geoffrey have had a sense of closure or did he really need Oliver's ghost and everything that came with that to help him find some peace? Of couse, I believe Geoffrey did need Ghost Oliver, but it's interesting to contemplate what could have happened.

Belated Birthday Wishes! to the bestest sisters I know lynnb and dragonfly0303. For the record, I didn't forget, they know I didn't forget ;), I just forgot to mention it here. :)
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