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Crossroads Pt 2

I’ve watched the episode twice now and I’m still feeling ambivalent. I didn’t hate it, but I’m lacking the enthusiasm I had for the prior two episodes. I can’t say being spoiled lessened my enjoyment since when I read the spoilers I didn’t find them all that shocking. Kara coming back? I figured that out before it was confirmed by spoilers. Her knowing where earth is? Um, SciFi revealed that as a big plot point months ago. Baltar being found not guilty? Did anyone think he would be found guilty?

If anything came as a surprise when I first heard about it it was Tigh, Sam, Tory, and Tyrol being revealed as Cylons. Yet, I was unmoved by that revelation. Maybe it is because, like Sam, I don’t believe it. Or maybe one of them is a Cylon. Or maybe something happened to them all on New Caprica? Or, if they are Cylons, they are a different breed then the ones we already know. I’d say second generation and more human, but that presents a problem with Tigh and his forty year military career. Right now, I don’t feel like putting much thought into it.

I can say the same of Kara’s return. I’m inclined to believe it was Kara and not a hallucination since she turned up on Lee’s draedis. But where the frak did she get the viper? I was willing to buy she ejected and got picked up by that mysterious raider, but would the Cylons have had a viper to give her? I also wonder if the Cylon fleet came with Kara and that they aren’t there to attack, but assist in some way.

Baltar, you weasily, selfish, arrogant, asshole. I respected him for a brief moment when he refused to ask for a mistrial and said there had to be a verdict. It’s clear that he couldn’t go through all this again and would almost welcome death over this torture. But as soon as he got his not guilty verdict he started planning a book tour and worried about publishing rights and his security. He was also under the mistaken impression that Lampkin was working for him and not the cause. The beauty of the verdict is Baltar got his freedom, but not really. I’m curious to see what the groupies have planned for him. He may be safe, but I’m betting he won’t be happy living in seclusion.

And I was worried Lee wasn’t seeing he was being used on some level when it was Baltar who was the completely clueless one. He was just a stepping stone to Lampkin who, thanks to winning what many saw as an impossible case, now will have many cases to litigate in the rebuilt legal system…thanks to the president.

On a superficial note, I loved the shot of Lee and Lampkin, sporting almost identical poses and smirks, walking out on Baltar.

Oh, Adama, I still have many issues with you. I was happy there was no Lee/Adama reunion immediately after the trial. It’s my hope that Lee’s words on the stand sink in and when the two finally talk Adama is ready to do some apologizing. I loved that it was his own words that brought Lee to the stand. And had Lee been forced to reveal what he said would he have publicly called him a liar? No, I don’t think he would have gone that far.

Adama did make one good point - Baltar was found not guilty and that is not the same as innocent. The simple truth is the prosecution did not make their case and the defense raised too many good points (even if most of them wouldn’t have been allowed in a real court).

Oh, Laura, I think I actually feel a little sorry for you. Not because your cancer is back (the chemo treatment is telling me they caught it much earlier this time), but because you’re so isolated now. Turns out you didn’t know either Adama as well as you thought.

I loved The Look she shot Lee. She’s pissed at him. For betraying her? Making her look bad? Failing her? All of those things combined? The thing is if she didn’t care on some level, didn’t value him in some way, she wouldn’t have felt anything towards him and just marched out of that room. But she stopped to give him that look, to let him know she was not happy, and he looked as if he knows he’s in the dog house and wants to get out of it.

She also has to deal with having a Cylon connection. Is she actually a Cylon? I don’t know. Her sudden sense that something was about to happen right before they lost power could be a red herring. It could be the cancer treatment at that moment causing her to become sick or disoriented. But what about her shared dreams with Caprica and Sharon? That’s something that cannot be ignored.

Now I come to Lee. I knew he had a big speech and that Jamie supposedly did a terrific job with it. I can agree with both those things, but the speech itself was a let down for me. I commented to danceswithwords that I was at a loss as to what meta I could write since Lee was basically speaking for me and, to a large extent, fandom. The problem is he’s addressing three seasons of loose ends in a one speech. It’s too much exposition. I do applaud the show for (finally!) addressing how so many people have been forgiven for their crimes. And if they got a get out of jail free card, how is it right to hold Baltar accountable for all their sins? But did Lee need to bring up the Olympic Carrier? For three years they’ve kept it vague as to whether or not there were people on board. Then again, Lee was heaping more guilt upon himself than anyone else which is very Lee-like so I could see him dredging that up.

But Lee punishing himself brings up another issue. Lee made an excellent point that Baltar made mistakes, but did so in an impossible situation. Had he not surrendered to the Cylons they would have simply nuked the planet. I never felt Lee was a coward (or Adama for that matter) for jumping away when the Cylons attacked. They were no match for the Cylon fleet and would have been quickly destroyed had they attempted to fight back. They needed time to come up with a plan or else humanity died on that day. They had no choice either and why can’t he see that? Lee has come so far recently, being confidant, feeling comfortable in his own skin, I hated to see him retread and rethink the past and relive all the guilt.

A few random items…

Lee’s back in a viper. That was fast. Though it was very in character. After his speech about failure, guilt, and shame I couldn’t see Lee just sit by and not volunteer to help. Does he rejoin the military early next season though?

Poor Seelix. That girl cannot cut a break. First she has a crush on Tyrol, who is married, and then Anders who she thinks she has a chance with until she catches him with Tory.

I’m torn on Gaeta lying. I get why he did it. He knew Baltar was guilty of many things, just not necessarily what he was accused of, and he let him down personally. Guilt probably also played a role since, if not for Gaeta pointing out the election fraud, Baltar never would have been president. But he was also setting himself up for a perjury charge if caught and he risked the case being dismissed.

Lee is an honest man unlike his grandfather? The plot thickens.

The power was mysteriously lost and then restored - by the Cylons maybe?

I loathed the music. I get it. Kara found earth so we'll use rock music to tie everything together. But to have songs with lyrics play on BSG is just wrong.

And when are they going to give Caprica a change of clothes???

And thanks Ron for not screwing up any fanfic ideas I may have. I'll try to be kind in the podcast post. ;)
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