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That was a very strange episode. I almost felt as if I was watching another show a few times.

So we finally have it confirmed that House and Cuddy were intimate. And now they seem to be really pushing the fact he's still hung up on her though I think it's actually more about getting her to confess she has feelings for him.

When Cameron and Chase started the 'it's just sex' relationship I was fine with the idea. But having it take up a third of the episode? Uh, no. I don't watch the show because of romantic or quasi-romantic relationships. And they both came off looking silly and immature, imho. Not to mention, they allowed it to interfer with their work and treatment of the patient and I lost some respect for them both.

Marc Blucus continues to prove to me he's not a good actor.

Why did we have to endure House's bladder infection? And how did that tie into his dreams or the case?

House and Wilson discussing the Village People was classic though. :)
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