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Odds and Ends

The podcast still isn't up. Apparently Ron is threatening promising to have two posted. One the regular podcast and a Q&A he did post episode viewing with a class at, I believe, Berkeley.

I was watching E!News (why, I don't know) and learned that The Nine still hasn't been canceled. But since Tim Daly is signed to the Grey's Anatomy spinoff I'm thinking the show might be over.

I also did not know Anthony Stewart Head is in the new Sweeney Todd film with Johnny Depp. My fandoms collide again.

White Noise 2 is going direct to DVD in England. I'm hazarding to guess it will have the same fate here.

I finally downloaded Firefox at work. Yes, I can do that and IS won't scream at me. Apparently, I downloaded a more recent version than what I have at home because it tells me when I misspell a word or when it thinks I misspell a word. I'm trying to decide if that is helpful or annoying. I have been using the Google toolbar spell checker which rocks btw.

So there is this meme going around which I guess I committed to doing here because I couldn't resist the temptation of it.

Comment and I will...

1 - Tell you why I friended you.
2 - Associate you with a song/film/tv show.
3 - Tell a random fact about you.
4 - Tell a first memory about you.
5 - Associate you with a character/pairing.
6 - Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7 - Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
8 - In retort, you must spread this disease in your LJ.
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