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Hornblower Fic and Some Other Stuff

Because I am the Queen of Procrastination and I also got slammed by work this week, I managed to post my fic, Comfort, over at aos_challenge on the very last possible day. I would have liked to have worked on it a bit more, but if I didn't post it now I don't know when it would have gotten done to my satisfaction. Funny thing is, I actually had this idea months ago and then when the challenge was announced, queues, it gave me an incentive to start typing something up. As much as I hate deadlines, they do also help to motivate me.

OK, I just discovered that the new season/series of Doctor Who debutes tomorrow night. Am I the only one who was unaware of this? With any luck it will fill the void left by BSG and Stargate since SciFi decided to start the latter series over from the beginning instead of airing Season 7. Grrrrr.

For those people I haven't gotten back to on my last post and for bop_radar and beccatoria whose awesome BSG meta I have yet to comment on, I will try to catch up tomorrow. After I get home from work. Yes, I have to work tomorrow. Not That I'm Bitter.
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