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Long Time, No LJ Post

Well, long for me anyway. If anyone was thinking that just because there in no BSG (still no podcast) I don't have anything to say, no, that’s not the case. I am well-rounded. Really! I just needed a little LJ/internet break, but didn’t feel like making an announcement to that fact since I really wasn’t gone. I’ve been doing a lot of skimming in order to not miss anything important with you all and commenting here and there. I just felt I was getting a little too consumed with certain things and needed to step back. Of course, in doing that I managed to get consumed with something else which I will share will you all after another 16 episodes. And, no, it’s not Due South. ;p

In the meantime, let me play catch up. I actually have been keeping a list of things I wanted to post about when the mood struck me again.

First off, I finished Season 6 of Stargate a couple weeks ago. Then SciFi decided to not air season 7, but go back to the beginning. Sigh. Fortunately, they are doing Stargate Tuesdays and airing Season 6 in the evenings so hopefully by May I can catch what I yet need to watch.

Memento - I enjoyed this episode quite a bit and largely because of Chairman Ashwan. It’s not often we see leaders of other worlds welcome SG1 so openly and actually encourage them to intrude on their way of life, to upend everything they have believed in. I just wish his military commander weren’t so…militant. Like all paranoid military leaders his logic seems to fly out the window almost immediately. There is no gate…until they locate it. Then he wants it to stay buried in the sand along with their heads. And as soon as SG1 is given permission to dig it up so they can retrieve the equipment they need, fix their ship, and leave he takes Jonas, Teal’c, and the dig crew prisoner and accuses them of trying to steal the Gate. Heh?

Ashwan’s speech at the end was a bit of a head-scratcher, not because of what he said, but because I really was clueless as to how his people felt about him. It was implied he wasn't all that respected, but the military certainly sided with him fast enough.

I’m not sure what happened to Colonel Ronson in later episodes. I know there were others in command of Prometheus in subsequent seasons. Yes, the ship is suppose to help defend earth, but when there is also the potential for first contact having someone who is keen on shooting first and not asking questions later doesn’t seem like the best idea. I mean, Jack was trying to be the voice of reason!

Prophecy - ‘Stargate’ tackled a rather heavy subject - is the future predetermined or do we have free will? – and made me think. That seldom happens with this show.

Jonas sees the future and has Sam pulled off of a mission only to have her injured on the base - thus fulfilling what Jonas saw. But later his vision causes Hammond to send a message to the team which ultimately saves their lives, thus the vision doesn’t come to fruition. So it would seem dumb luck (or dumb villagers) have as much to do with ‘fate’ as precognition. Ack. My brain hurts.

The thing I found most interesting about this ep is Jonas is still feeling as if he’s not a part of the team. He becomes willing to sacrifice his life in order prove himself and gain acceptance. Finally, in the closing moments, he gets that from Jack. It’s a big moment for Jonas and the team, yet ultimately pointless with Daniel coming back in the very next episode in order to set up his return.

Full Circle - Good old Abydos. And Skaara! Who’s getting hitched and wants Jack there. And for Jack to maybe bring Sam as his date. Jack is as confused as me by the show openly acknowledging the Jack/Sam potential. Then I read this may have been the series finale and it became clear the writers were throwing fans a to speak.

I can see why the other ascended folks kicked Daniel to the curb. First, he keeps dropping by for visits. Then, after the teeniest tiny push from Jack he points them in the right direction to fine the eye. Finally, he totally crosses the line by cutting a highly questionable deal with Anubis. Oh! And let’s not forget he makes sure that SG1 takes the tablet that will help lead them to the ancient home world and spin-off series, Atlantis. Geez, he’s darn lucky they just dropped him naked in a field and didn’t disperse his molecules into the ether or something.

I also love how Oma tried to clean up Daniel’s mess by ascending Skaara and an entire planet. What happened to ascension being for a select few?

This episode really makes no sense. Though I did love the Daniel/Jack elevator conversation, Jack reluctantly revealing he’s been talking to Daniel and shocked to discover no one thinks he’s crazy, and Sam seeming a little put out that Daniel never dropped by to say ‘Hi’ to her.

I’ve come to the conclusion I’m never going to love this show. I like it. I enjoy it. But there is just too much spotty storytelling and whoever posted that Tennant needs to take it down a notch, I agree. I do, however, like Martha a lot. They went with someone very different than Rose without ignoring Rose which was smart. My one quibble is that she’s known the Doctor all of twenty four hours, if that, and she was sooooo willing to have sex with him if he was at all interested in that. Which supposedly being a kids show he's not.

Shakespeare seemed a little Captain Jack-like to me. Why not bring on the real deal?

I’m sure a lot of the anachronisms and in-jokes would have seemed really clever if not for a little film called Shakespeare in Love. And how did they not tie in the witches more directly to Macbeth?

I’m willing to do my share of handwaving, but a black woman dressed in tight denim (a fabric they don’t have yet) jeans and leather jacket walking around London is going to draw attention. As is the guy in the suit, tie, and sneakers. I seem to recall when they met Dickens, Rose dressed for the occasion.

The funniest bit was when Martha asked if the Doctor was referring to the film, Back to the Future and he responded with, “No, the novelization."

I know many of us were geeked to learn WKRP in Cincinnati was coming to DVD this month. But have you taken a look at the changes? I can deal with musical substitutions, but it seems many of the episodes are the edited, syndicated versions and not the complete epidodes. Entire scenes have been cut. I have to seriously think if I want to buy this now.

I actually rented DVDs this weekend. I do this about three or four times a year. Though I am considering Netflix or the Blockbuster by mail deal. First up was Casino Royale which I enjoyed, but not as much as the majority of my Flist. Daniel Craig was good, there were some excellent character moments, and I liked how they laid the foundation for the cold, detached Bond I know and love. My problam was that the film, overall, didn’t feel like a Bond movie. I missed the over the top villains and action sequences. And as much as a love watching ‘Celebrity Poker’ having a poker game take up about one-fifth of an action film is not the best idea - nor is having about three endings.

I also watched The Departed which I liked far more than I expected, but this was not an Oscar caliber film. Best picture? No way. And while I thought Mark Wahlberg did a good job, why did he get singled out for a nomination? Leo, to me, was the standout, but I guess he couldn’t be nominated for this and Blood Diamond.

And a very, very, VERY, HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY! to jonesiexxx. I hope you had a fabulous day. Or that at least the arctic winds spared you. :)

And that’s enough for now, especially since my headache seems to be getting worse. :/
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