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'House' Thoughts

First off, let me say THANK GOD CHASE/CAMERON ARE OVER. I really had no problem with the idea of them hooking up, but had I known casual sex would turn them into immature morons I would have reconsidered my initial stance. When they were working in the lab I half expected them to be passing notes under the table. And while it's nice to see the woman be the sexual aggressor and enjoying sex, Cameron was being played way too out of character. She went from celibate to sex machine. I'm sure some of her behavior and inneundo was a show to embarrass Chase, but doing it in the patients bed while she's lying in the hospital? I've never been more on Foreman's side - this was a bad idea and it needed to stop.

I'm torn on whether I should feel sorry for Chase or laugh at his expense. I'll give Cameron credit for one thing, she was always honest with him as to what her feelings were or, more precisely, were not. And she did the right thing by ending it then and there. Chase apparently thought she's just grow to love(?) him the more time they spent together. Accept she loves House and he knows that.

I enjoyed watching Wilson play House and have to deal with the inter-group dynamic.

I give the show points for showing a women paying for sex with another women. I kept waiting for the fake out and it never came. Having the hooker have a heart of gold was a bit much, but I would have been pissed if she just grabbed the money and ran. And now I'm curious to see if she shows up again as Wilson's 'date'.

The airplane stuff was far-fetched even by the show's standards. And why oh why did they have to show so much vomiting? The pilot would have turned the plane around. And while I believe in psychosomatic illness and the power of suggestion, Cuddy looked like she was on death's door. The duckling substitutes were pretty entertaining though.
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