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'House' and Home

I'm back home. I've actually been back home since very late Monday night, but between work (don't ask) and catching up on sleep and other stuff I haven't been very active online. I've done a lot of skimming and believe I am all caught up on your lives.

Chicago was awesome. Just a wee bit windy and chilly on Thursday when writteninstars and I arrived. I managed to get sick during The Decemberists concert that night, but I'll spare you the details. I don't think it was the bands fault. ;)

Starting on Friday the weather was beautiful and lasted until we left. Much shopping was done though I managed to restrain myself from buying too much. I kept thinking about Illinois 9% sales tax to Michigan's 6%. And spent several hours at the Art Institute looking at some marvelous works and some others that made me debate what constitutes art. In addition to hanging out with my dear, mostly sweet writteninstars I got to spend some quality time with x_h00ine, her hubby mr_booze, lynnb, and dragonfly0303.

Did I mention the chocolate buffet? Yes, there was a chocolate buffet at the Penninsular Hotel and apparently there is a limit as to how much chocolate I can eat.

I am waaaaay behind on TV having not yet seen Ugly Betty, Heroes or Doctor Who and thank you friends list for being so good about cut-tags. I did catch House last night and have a few thoughts on that.

I actually stopped paying close attention early in the ep. I feared this was turning into 'As The Ships Turn'. Wilson/Cuddy/House is amusing and Chase was, dare I say, adorable, but I don't watch the show to see who wants to hook up with who and it seemed to be what the ep was mostly about. Fortunately, I was wrong and I watched again this evening to see what I had missed previously.

Back to the couples or trios as the case may be for the moment. I did appreciate Chase's "It's not stalking" discussion with Cameron. He put a lot of thought into his plan to the point Cameron couldn't come up with anything to completely shut him down. Unfortunately, he's probably taking that as a sign of hope rather than a result of her complete confusion as to why he won't realize it's not going to happen. I give her credit for not wavering, which I feared she might. Poor boy is just going to end up getting hurt again.

I'm not sure what to think of House's interest in Cuddy. He didn't seem terribly hurt by her going out with Wilson so I'm leaning to a game of one-upmanship. She made a good point that he didn't seem at all interested until someone else was. Come to think of it, House's interest didn't really begin until she started the hunt for a sperm donor and then intensified as she began dating other men. I think it's less about her than him.

It's odd to say I was thrilled the patient died. They have lost patients before, they have even killed patients before, but they have never directly addressed that in their search for the rare ailment, disease, or bizarre circumstance that the simplest, most plausible diagnosis is overlooked. Even though Foreman and House are most directly responsible for the young woman's death, neither Chase nor Cameron offered up that it may be just an infection.

Foreman and House acted just as I expected them too. Foreman felt like a failure and was consumed with guilt. This is actually a positive thing. Any doctor who would just shrug something off like that, not admit they made a mistake and learn from it, is not a doctor I would want to have. And House needs answers. He screwed up and he needs to know how and why so he, too, can not make the same mistake twice.

It's a little scary to hear, but House was right at the end that this will not be the last time this happens. It is a teaching hospital, but they are also known for taking the cases no one else will take and saving people no one else can save. They take big risks and more often than not they and the patient get big rewards.

Still, how can any doctor treat cancer without getting a definitive diagnosis???

House is making available for purchase 'Everybody Lies' tees made for the cast and crew. Proceeds benefit the National Alliance of Mental Health and can be purchased here.
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