I saw that just this morning -- *much* more enticing than the first trailer, too. And I was thinking, "Yeah, nice trailer, but I'll never understand Jessica Alba's hair" before read your last sentence. ;-)
I was just thinking about you this morning! How's it going? :) After watching beccatoria's Lee, sort-of Lee/Laura, vid last night I got thinking about my post-'Crossroads' fic idea and then considered attempting to start writing it, but what if you haven't watched the eps by the time I have a draft done? I don't want to spoil you so what would I do?! There may have been some flailing.
I saw the vid announcement! And thought, Damn, I'll have to watch those eps after all... ;-) Because it looks very interesting to me.

I'm having some computer issues at the moment when it comes to watching videos, but I hereby declare that I'll get caught up in time for you to not have to worry about spoiling me with your story. (Unless the draft is finished tomorrow. ;-) No flailing necessary.

And while I may be negligent in terms of current BSG, the epic of doom is crawling onwards, so...
So I have to wait to send you my 40,000 word epic?

Actually, the story hasn't gone further than my brain and it will likely be weeks before I have anything written and willing to share. As usual, I'm getting ahead of myself, but better to panic now than later. ;)

And YAY! to the epic of doom progressing. :)
Wow, I actually kind of want to see that movie. And I never even saw the first one.
I really can't recommend seeing the first one unless you are in the mood to point and laugh. And while 'Silver Surfer' does actually look like it could be a good popcorn flick, I'm reserving the right to mock later.
I'm afraid to say that that does look quite good! But then I figure they can only go up from where the last movie was. And why the flat hair? And wedding dress? And is the Silver Surfer a bad guy or just ambiguous?
Don't get sucked in by the pretty trailer! I have learned the hard way they can be deceiving. But, yes, it has to be better than the first one. It has to, right?

There is no explanation or excuse for the hair. The wedding dress is because there is a wedding. I have no clue about the Silver Surfer since I am unfamiliar with the comics.