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The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore Website

Some months back I posted some photos of Jamie Bamber by the photographer Howard Webster over at jamiebambernews. Howard contacted me, quite surprised to find his photos online, and, lucky for me and fandom, he turned out to be an understanding and swell guy who has done much for the community. At last, I have a an opportunity to, in a small way, return the many kindnesses he has done for me.

This week Howard officially launched The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore a live action second generation graphic novel he helped to create. I know little about graphic novels and nothing about this new form of media, but I've perused the site and it's pretty cool. Colin Salmon, who portrays Jonas, I recognized from the Bond films. And the gallery section allows you to download creative elements and submit content that could become part of the production. So if your a graphic novel fan, check out the site.
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