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Apparently LJ Only Hated Me Yesterday

I typed up about half this post at lunch yesterday and when I went to post it I got a variety of error messages. By the time I could get back into LJ it was time to leave work and the Gates would be on in a few hours and might as well kill several shows with one to speak.

So, first up, Thursday night's TV viewing. Depending on how you look at it I either watched Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice last night. Since I don't regularly watch GA and only tuned in to see Tim Daly, consider this a post on the Private Practice part of the show.

I do have one thing to discuss about GA. Didn't they just recently kill off Meredith's mother? And now they killed off her step-mother because of complications from hiccups? Hiccups??? And her dad is blaming her. Geez, and I thought BSG was heavy on the angst. :/

I was a combination of bored and annoyed with the first hour or so of this two-parter. Which was a shame since I like every single actor in the PP cast. It seemed a case of the ensemble being better than the writing. In the case of the surrogate, that was some really bad writing. I couldn't even begin to piece that storyline together to make sense of it. She slept with all three men in like a week? And one of them was the gay ex-husband. I was clueless as to how he became involved in any of it. It makes my head hurt now to even think about it.

The only upside of that story was the 'OMG, IT'S FRANCIE AND SARK!' moment. Shame though that David Anders wasn't given something, anything, to do. Did he even have five lines the entire ep?

The meeting of Addison and Pete (Tim Daly) made me cringe. I am really, really tired of shows creating ridiculous first meeting scenes. It wasn't cute it was stupid as she rambled on to a total stranger that she's use to elevators making people horny and leading to hookups. How many of us even talk to people in elevators we don't know?

Then we were presented with the rest of the office staff - attractive, smart, but, of course, quirky. The neurotic psychiatrist who is suppose to help others as her own personal life is a mess. The pediatrician who picks up slutty women on the internet. The divorced couple who still can manage to work together. And the hot male receptionist who is allowed to around the office sans shirt. I was seriously considering turning the station until...

The Kiss. OH...MY...GOD...the hotness. Tim/Pete pretty much had me at "I'm going to kiss you with tongue." That was some kiss people. I don't know how Addison didn't tackle him to the ground right there.

And after that spectacular moment the show did get a bit better. Amy Brenneman and Paul Adelstein's friends who I am sure will be more have a really nice chemistry and it was an adult moment to open up about why he chooses the women he does to 'date'. And while somewhat a cliche, they presented a reason for Pete's flirtatious/looking for a casual relationship only nature due to the death of his wife.

For Tim alone I'll watch the series assuming it becomes a series, but it's a shame if the writing doesn't get better to match the talents of the actors saying the words.

It would seem I had a lot to say on February 4th so instead of linking to my post containing my thoughts on this weeks Stargate, I'm just going to cut and paste and add a couple of additional thoughts.

From February:

I really enjoyed this episode, but I was also disappointed by it. The disappointment may be my own fault because of assumptions I had made. I was spoiled for Daniel becoming a prior and I had this impression that he would be one for several episodes and that the team would be forced to fight him as they were fighting the rest of the Ori. Silly me thought they may be forced to make some hard choices. Instead, we are introduced to Prior Daniel and about thirty seconds later are told he’s faking it. So much for drama. Yeah, hearing Daniel try to convince them for most of the episode that he’s really Daniel and this is all part of some brilliant, convoluted plan got old. And in the end we learn that, once again, they may have done more harm then good.

It dawned on me today that the problem I’m having with the Ori storyline is not that they are rather boring villains or that they do best SG1 on a fairly regular basis (I like the idea that our heroes can sometimes fail), but that the Ori are the only storyline we are dealing with. In their heyday the Goa’uld weren’t the focus of every single episode. What happened to discovering new cultures or dealing with the crisis of the week?

What did I like about the episode? RDA could have put a bit more effort into it, but I really did like the Jack/Daniel banter (and it did make sense to call in Jack here, it wasn’t just a glorified cameo) and Daniel’s increasing frustration with no one trusting him. Vala sitting on Daniel’s lap was cute without being too cute. And Cam and Vala working together was great because it meant Ben and Claudia got some alone time. ;)

And occurring to me last night:

Man, it didn't strike on first viewing how bitchy Daniel was being. If roles were reversed and it was Sam or Cam in that chair explaining this overly complicated, no proof to back up plan, would he be so quick to believe them? The fate of the earth and galaxy is in their hands and they are just suppose to stand by and let him do whatever the hell he wants after spending weeks with Adria?

It also struck me, watching SGA immediately after, how Daniel and Rodney had become pretty much interchangeable characters. :/

While I stand by my initial take on RDA's performance, I have to say he really saved this episode with his humor and giving Daniel a hard time over the supposedly brilliant plan. And his comment to Daniel about things not changing accept for he's there against his will and "you look like Marcel Marceau" never fails to crack me up.

I have to admit that Rodney annoys me a lot less than he use to. In my limited viewing of SGA I can't say that it's because the writers have put a lot of effort into developing the character and showing emotional growth (though perhaps it is the case), but in my viewing of the older eps of SG1 I now have the knowledge of how the character was introduced and what he was like. Rodney was a complete asshole with not a single redeeming quality I could find. That Sam didn't find a way to strand him on a planet somewhere is beyond me. So watching Rodney now, seeing him taken down a peg on more than one occasion, seeing that he has friends that care about him, and, in this ep, seeing him try to be a good friend to them before he dies, all that combined with the fact that DH can be pretty funny makes Rodney much more likable to me.

Though, I will never, EVER, see the McShep. Hell, there were what could be considered shippy moments (I'm sure some heads exploded when John moved him to his bed ;) but I just don't get any sort of shippy vibe. And since I have with Jack and Daniel in fleeting moments it's not like I'm not open to the possibility, but just not seeing that type of chemistry.

My favorite moment may have been the one between Rodney and Ronan. danceswithwords pointed out that it was an actual character moment for Ronan and I liked that Rodney asked about the scars and their meaning to Ronan before just eradicating them from his body. Plus the hug was pretty cute.

Since I'm on the Stargate discussion track, it was many, many months ago that I decided to watch Stargate just once from the beginning so I would know what the hell they have been talking about the past two seasons. When SciFi started the rerun cycle over again several weeks ago I had no plans on rewatching. Then, when I managed to get home by six, I caught some of those Season 1 eps again and soon realized I am finding them much more enjoyable than I did on first viewing. Having watched the relationships grow, knowing how it all ends, and then, once more, seeing how it all started there is so much more emotional resonance for me. And now I'm left to wonder (since I don't want to record the entire series) when the ten season mega box set will be released. I can hear you laughing danceswithwords.

And HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!! to sal101010 and widget285. I hope both you lovely ladies had wonderful (and stress free) days.
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