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Podcast for 'Crossroads Pt 2'

Yeah, yeah, I'm a little late on this one. But it's a loooooong hiatus people. And maybe because of that I didn't feel like slapping Ron as much as I usually do.

The phone call between Adama and Laura Ron added with his polish to the script. He likes the reoccurring motif of Adama shaving and the phone call is one of his favorite things he did all season. The scene was originally in Pt 1 and led into the press conference. Adama and Laura are very intimate - in a platonic sense. These two are friends and you see how far they have grown since the mini series.

Originally, Tyrol was one of people hearing music in part one but they decided to make it one more thing to reveal in this ep.

There were scenes of Tyrol walking the baby down the corridor – the ambient sounds of the ship and machinery lulling him to sleep. Tyrol encounters either Sharon or Helo, Ron couldn’t recall, who are taking Hera down same corridor. Tyrol starts to hear odd music and returns to the corridor a second time on his own.

The Lee/Baltar/Lampkin sequence in which they talk of a mistrial was longer – lines were dropped. In the story stage, Lampkin overtly manipulated Lee to force a mistrial. He put Lee in a position to introduce things into evidence that would lead to a mistrial. Only at the last second does Lee realize what is going on and, at that point, what can he do? They took out the naked manipulation.

There was more to the story of Anders as a nugget. They never showed him beginning the process, but they showed him taking Kara’s place. He moved into her bunk, took over her locker, and had all of her things. He was developing a niche for himself, but following in her footsteps.

Laura and the diloxin treatments – they wanted to differentiate the cancer from the first time she had it. She is taking conventional therapy in addition to the chamala. She is going to fight it on every front this time. Sharon and Laura talked to each other in the medical bay. Basically, they recapped what they had each experienced, Sharon told Laura about projection, and that it was impossible for Laura and Hera to share such a thing.

The Laura, Six, Athena storyline will be followed up on in Season 4. By this past Easter they had already broken the first nine eps of the season.

Gaeta perjured himself because of his hatred of Baltar. In the original draft, the defense found a way to discredit him. They had proof that he was somewhere else when he claimed he saw Baltar sign the death warrant. At that point, as the prosecution’s case fell apart, the Sagitarrion storyline that was cut would have come in. A videotape was given to Lee showing Balter involved in a mass execution. Eventually, he turns the tape over to the prosecution and they use it. It turns out that Zarek actually manipulated the event and he was the one who gave the order in the attack on the Sagitarrions. It was some sort of power play by Zarek and that’s why Baltar put Zarek in jail on New Caprica. Zarek is convicted in the court of public opinion and Baltar goes on the stand and rants. In one version he rejects the court and withdraws his plea. In another, he declares, “I am the son of god”. (Yeah, I couldn’t make much sense of this either. Not only did it sound incredibly convoluted, but why would they make Zarek the bad guy? Worse yet, a murderer.)

Lee is called to the stand to crush his father and ends up giving this eloquent speech that turns the tide of the case. They felt it was an interesting place to go.

Mary informed Ron (who was not on set that day) that the cast and crew gave Jamie a standing ovation after the first take of his speech. (OK, I had to share that. ;) Taking Lee out of the uniform and putting him in the suit changes the character. He no longer is connected so intimately to his father. He’s not so competitive. He gets to be himself more. The speech is about collective guilt and shame and how they threw together a judicial system just to try one man. But Balter was elected by the people because they wanted to go to the planet. They all made mistakes and have forgiven each other, but not Baltar because they don’t like him.

The writers talk extensively about characters getting away with certain things - Helo, for example. Adama was happy on some level that Helo did what he did so he gives him a pass.

In the first draft, they were not going to give a verdict. The attack happens before verdict and Baltar’s fate is not resolved. Eick and Rymer kicked up a fuss and felt a resolution was needed. It allows the ep to bring this story to a conclusion before moving on to revelation of the final four Cylons.

They filmed scenes that followed the judges into chambers, heard their deliberations, and Adama dealing with the other judges.

There was much more chaos in the courtroom. Balter even jumps up on the table at some point screaming about his innocence. Ron mentioned maybe doing an extended cut of the ep for DVD.

There was a bald guy (seen in the courtroom) and another guy who were carrying knives and chasing Baltar through the corridors before he runs into the group of women. (Apparently he had a legitimate reason to be nervous.)

In the final Lee/Baltar/Lampkin scene, Lee came across the room to really give it to Baltar, telling him what a slime ball he is, etc. This seemed contradictory to what he said on the stand so they made Baltar bringing up his dad’s name serve as a flashpoint instead.

Also cut, Lampkin gave Lee the pen that Baltar had been using.

Adama casting the deciding vote was a late breaking idea. By turning his father, it validated what Lee had done.

Laura had more visions of the opera house after the jump.

Why they think the final four make sense…Anders had managed to survive two resistance movements and fell for Starbuck who has a special destiny. Tyrol fell in love with Boomer and was drawn to the temple. Tori’s backstory is largely unknown. Tigh they went back and forth on, but thought it was interesting to have him discover this after everything he has been through. All the backstorys as to them being Cylons have been worked on.

Ron originally wanted to use ‘All Along the Watchtower’ in Season 1. One scenario had Helo and Sharon on Caprica wandering into a bar, getting the jukebox to work, hearing the song, and both recognizing it. He wanted to show there are connections between their world and our world.

For the first time, they published fake pages for the ending and will continue to do this in the future. (Even though I’m a spoilerwhore, I don’t have an issue with this.)

When it was revealed on set that Kara was to die, a studio exec called Ron to say the cast and crew were in a state of mutiny. Ron had to call Mary and Eddie to tell them what was planned and help ease tensions.

Two versions of the ending were shot. The first version had Kara just appearing in Lee’s quarters. Lee rushes in to grab his gear, turns around, and there she is. It was thought that it was too supernatural. (Agree) It also raised too many questions. How would she get there? Then they shot the version where Lee encounters her in the viper. Rymer cut the ep with the viper scene and they left it that way.

Ron said that while hardcore fans could figure out that Kara wasn’t dead, the rest of the fans were shocked. (Uh-huh) While her death didn’t have meaning, her resurrection does.

Ron had to fight to keep the pull out – from the galaxy to earth – in. It gives hope. And they are moving the show into its third (and final?) act.

Katee's movie The Last Sentinal premieres this Saturday on SciFi. And that's all I'm saying on the subject.
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