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House and Spiderman - Two Things That Have Nothing In Common

This weekend I was one of the billion people who saw Spiderman 3. My short non-spoilery thought on the film is that it was not as good as the first two, but still better than many of the big budget summer blockbusters unleashed upon us. My big fear going into the film was that instead of focusing on a single villain as they had before they were giving us three plus Peter/Spidey’s turn to the dark side and thus the story would lack focus. My fear was well founded, plus, as one reviewer put it so well, they gave us everything but the kitchen sink.

I was confused as to who I was suppose to be siding with in MJ and Peter’s relationship. Peter let Spidey’s celebrity go to his head and he did, at times, act arrogant and selfish. But this is also a guy who has had to deal with the guilt over his uncle’s death, being wrongly accused of his best friend’s father’s murder, being estranged from that friend, having to lie to everyone around him, and be painted as a villain by much of the media. Now people like, admire, and respect him. It has to feel good and he’s basking in the glow and it’s making him oblivious to MJ’s troubles. (Btw, her Broadway singing debut storyline was totally unbelievable. With her weak vocal talent I doubt she ever would have been cast without screwing the producer or director. Even handwaving that she was cast, she would have been replaced during previews.) She chooses to wallow in self-doubt and perceived failure and gets pissed that Peter is not paying enough attention to what she’s feeling. Well, maybe if she had tried telling him.

Overall, I liked the way they handled the Harry’s storyline and his renewed friendship with Peter. I wish they hadn’t resorted to amnesia though. I was hopeful for a moment he was faking it, that as soon as Peter and MJ left the room that smile would fade and we would see that he had some dark, twisted plan in mind. But, nope, it’s really amnesia. And as soon as he commented to the nurse that he’d die for his two friends I knew what his fate was going to be.

There were so many actors underutilized in the film. James Cromwell’s had two brief appearances as the police chief – a character that could have been played by anyone in actor’s equity. Bryce Dallas Howard’s Gwen seemed to only be around to play, first, the damsel in distress and, later, a pawn in Dark!Peter’s plan to make MJ jealous.

Thomas Haden Church could have been awesome if they had decided why Sandman was there. The sick daughter that he went bad for in order to save disappeared. No attempt is made to explain how he changed and how he was dealing with that change. And did they need to rewrite Uncle Ben’s death? Peter’s quest for vengeance seemed like a retread of the first film and then we get ‘Oh, the bad guy isn’t really bad at all, it was all an accident!’

I liked Topher Grace as Eddie, but we are given an incredibly weak explanation for his changing into Venom (a name that is never even used in the film.) Eddie is a self-serving ass, yet it’s a big leap from that characterization to becoming a murderer because Peter takes his job and dates his girl. The black goo supposedly amplifies people’s emotions, but the only hint we got that Eddie was prone to such extreme violence was praying to God that Peter died.

Bruce Campbell’s cameo was probably his funniest of all three films. I liked that he was working with Peter rather than against him this time.

Alternately funny in the not-good way and cringe-worthy was Peter’s makeover. Tobey is great at playing loveable geek, but suave? Not so much. While he looked pretty good in the black shirt and suit, I was trying to decide if Peter Petrelli or Hitler was the inspiration for the haircut. And eyeliner? Really? The dancing, let us not speak of.

And for tonight’s TV viewing…

This was a much better episode than last week. Robert Sean Leonard was awesome playing Wilson on speed. It was nice to see him have the opportunity to cut loose and be funny. I loved his comment equating House doing something nice with the end of days. It was also an interesting way to reveal that Wilson has been on anti-depressants. It wasn’t a shock to me given what a mess his personal life is, the fact that his career was near ruins earlier in the season, and, well, House is his best friend. ;)

I’m still not certain if Wilson doping House really works. Accept for the smiling, which he has done before, House didn’t seem all that different. Is House really depressed? He’s a selfish SOB who doesn’t care whose feelings he tramples on and I think he experiences unhappiness he won’t admit to, but does that make him depressed?

Foreman quitting I believe is a knee-jerk reaction to causing the death of a patient. However, I also think his fear of turning into House as time passes is genuine. He doesn’t want to be that doctor who can be flip right before telling a patient they are going to die. I don’t believe that would happen. I have to work with people I don’t like and don’t fear turning into them. If anything, they help to ensure I don’t become like them. If Foreman was not still reeling from the loss of a patient he might see that he has been following Cameron’s advice these last three years – learning from the good and ignoring the bad.

Man, Chase can go from zero to eighty in the kiss ass department in about two seconds. Apparently, he feels there is some hierarchy amongst the three of them and he wants to usurp Foreman’s position. My real problem with Chase though was some perplexing characterization on the part of the writers. When did he get so insightful? Informing Foreman and House that it was shame that was keeping them from telling him the truth. It was a good point, Foreman didn’t want to cop to his fears and House didn’t want to consider Foreman’s words, but Chase has never been that observant. I would have bought it coming from Cameron more than him.

There was also some other character moments that threw me. Foreman’s declaring, “I don’t like you – never have, never will” to Chase. Didn’t we get past that sentiment awhile back? And House being so glib about telling the patient and her parents that she had two days to live. That seemed very much like the House we first met three years ago, but he has grown a tad more sympathetic since then.

Cuddy’s wardrobe is getting out of hand. Next week I’m expecting a see through blouse to make an appearance.

Cameron has a key to House’s apartment. That’s interesting since I doubt Foreman and Chase do.

I read on the TV Guide website that Piper Perabo’s character was a potential love interest for House. The character didn’t annoy me and I could kind of see why House would have a fleeting attraction to her, but I can’t see it developing beyond what we saw tonight.
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