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First Spike Returns and Now Firefly

Woo Hoo! We are getting a feature film!


BACK TO THE FUTURE: It's official: Buffy sire Joss Whedon has signed a deal with Universal to turn his short-lived Fox series Firefly into a feature film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Whedon — who will pen the script — will make his big-screen directorial debut with the project. Shooting is expected to begin in early 2004 and it's Whedon's hope that the show's original cast will return.

I am waiting to here the bitching and complaining from fandom that Joss is abandoning Angel for a short-lived show that no one really cares about (except for the fans who really care about it). Or, we'll have those that are thrilled this will be taking up his time because he was going to ruin Angel like he did Buffy. My view? I've got Spike, I've got Firefly, I trust Joss, I'm happy. :)

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