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I'm On a Three Day Posting Streak

I really enjoyed tonight's Bones. During the last minute or so I had an epiphany. I'm glad The WB cancelled Angel when it did. Had it been renewed David would not have been cast on Bones, we wouldn't have that black tee showing off those arms, there would be no adorable geeking over food, or smiling so rarely seen on Angel. :)

Dancing with the Stars is touring. I'd be tempted if Julianne and Apolo were part of it, but Apolo has a life so no such luck. Julianne will be on the tour, but is without a partner at the moment. I love that they have her listed as being part of Season 1. Um, she would have been 14.

CSI, specifically, CSI:NY may have had some of the worst stunt casting ever tonight. John McEnroe guest starred as himself and was a murder suspect. And he tried to act. Damn you May sweeps!
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