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TV Rants and Raves

OK, I can only assume that the judges on Dancing with the Stars are trying to equal the playing field because how the hell can they hand out all those tens when it's clear that Apolo and Julianne are in a class by themselves. Let's not take off points for Laila who wore sandals or for dropping her arms. And let's ignore that Ian was obviously getting tired during the second dance. I'd be really pissed if not for the fan enthusiasm for Apolo and Julianne that will carry them to the finals.

NBC announced their fall schedule today. wisteria_ linked NBC's Fall Preview page. (Click on the image for the show(s) you are interested in and follow the link to see clips.)

I know many are excited about The Bionic Woman remake because of Katee Sackoff having (apparently) a reoccurring role, but I'm still iffy on the project. I read a recap of the pilot and watched one preview the other day and was underwhelmed, but I hate to judge a show based just on the pilot unless it's really, really, Painkiller Jane bad.

I'll definitely be checking out Life with Damian Lewis. I wish the preview had wowed me more. It seems like just another, albeit possibly well done, detective show. And for a guy who spent twelve years in a maximum security prison for a crime he didn't commit you would think he'd be a little less well adjusted. But Damian seems very good in the part and I think I could love his female partner. Not at all because she kind of reminds me of me. ;)

Scrubs is back. Damn. Another show that will go out with a whimper. And we're getting six origins or bonus episodes of Heroes. Eh. I'm going to admit it, this is a show I pretty much watch out of habit. I do enjoy the Petrelli's and The Bennet's, both as individual characters and the increasingly complex family dynamics, but beyond that I really don't care.

Um, way to thin out the herd. Yet, Mohinder lives. Sigh.

Great line of the night goes to Mr Bennet when asked by Matt how he knew he was going to shoot him, "Because we're old friends."

Supposedly ABC will reveal this week that they have giving the greenlight to The Grey's spinoff/Peak Practice (glad to have Tim Daly back on TV, but I'm still iffy on the show), Big Shots with Michael Vartan (hey, I like the guy so I'm happy) and, God help us, Caveman. Yes, the spinoff from the Geico commercials. I read somewhere that those who have seen the pilot said it was horrendous. So how? WHY??? Maybe this is a mistake.

CBS is apparently going to pick up a family drama that has gone through three name changes and is currently called Cane starring Jimmy Smits. The reason I'm excited to see this is Lee Tergesen has a role and while I've always kind of liked the guy, after recently watching six seasons of Oz (thank you multiple HBO channels) I'm anxious to see him on a weekly series again.

Speaking of Oz I'm contemplating a big ass post on that, but since I'm only aware of two people on my Flist who are fans I'm wondering if it's worth the effort. Than again, I sometimes just like getting my thoughts down for my own sake.
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