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Things were surprisingly quite on the SciFi front on my Flist this weekend. Which probably explains why I have dragged my feet to comment myself.

First up, is SG1's 'The Bounty'. I wasn't all that impressed with the ep the first time around and I stand by those impressions. Though how I forgot to mention the space corn is beyond me.

Then there was SGA's 'The Game' which I enjoyed more, but it ultimately let me down.

I just love it (insert sarcasm here) when a show presents you with a key plot point that has been going on unbeknownest to the audience or rest of the cast for two years, in this case, it's the game. There are so many reasons John and Rodney's omission doesn't work - the power drain wasn't noticed by anyone, no one ever asked where they were off too, why they even felt a need to keep it a secret - but let's not get bogged down in all that. I do think an interesting premise was set up. John and Rodney, however unwittingly, did interfere in the course of the development of two societies and then must deal with the consequences of their actions. I also liked that no matter how well-intentioned they were to make things right, these two men, like any two human beings, cannot completely let go of personal biases or petty differences. How do you make peace when the two negotiators can't? And things quickly go from bad to worse.

Unfortunately, as the Gates often do, the writers went for a quick, easy, and unbelievable fix to make things right. All along I felt that the show was setting up parallels to situations in the Middle East, quite an ambitious move. I know I have a hard time grasping the concept of fighting and killing my neighbors over a piece of land and SGA presented two neighboring towns willing to fight and die over a mine. The thing is, even presenting the worst case scenario to get the two sides to make peace, I doubt it would work. That mind was merely a thing to fight over when it's the deeper ideological differences that are at the heart of the conflict. Yeah, I'm sure I'm thinking about this more than they did.

So, who watched The Last Sentinal Saturday? ;) danceswithwords had to fortify ourselves with alcohol to get through it. I'd say it was Painkiller Jane bad, but it was worse. It made Jamie's film of shame, Ghost Rig, look well scripted and produced in comparison. I am at a total loss as to why Katee agreed to do it. She even had a supporting role!

ABC made there fall schedule official today. Oh, God, the Caveman rumors were true. Again, I have NO words.

Ausiello (I almost typed Assiello, heh) is already threatening to spam us with Pushing Daisies reports because OMG IT'S THE BEST SHOW OF THE NEW SEASON. While it sounds intriguing - Lee Pace (formerly of 'Wonderfalls' - Bryan Fuller developed this show as well) can bring back the dead with a single touch, but a second touch will kill them and supposedly loves a woman he can never touch - it might be too whimsical/gimmicky for network TV. But given the pedigree and Kristen Chenoweth is also in it, I'll give it a try.

Anyone want to do statistics as to how many new/existing shows star British actors? Jonny Lee Miller is giving series TV another try with Eli Stone about a lawyer who may also be a modern day prophet. Victor Garber co-stars and I hope this turns out better then his last lawyer centered TV outing.

As to why the influx of Brits, money I think is the number one reason. A successful US series can reap an actor millions. And while US TV is far from perfect, it seems it's more diverse and challenging then what is being produced elsewhere. Could be BBC America run anymore detective series?

Probably the show that sounded like the potential break out to me was Dirty Sexy Money starring Peter Krause, William Baldwin (let's see if he can match his brothers success - doubt it ;), and Donald Sutherland. It also has some pretty impressive talent behind the scenes including Bryan Singer.

Looking at the schedule ABC could own me Wednesday night :
8 p.m. Pushing Daisies
9 p.m. Private Practice
10 p.m. Dirty Sexy Money
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There's a Stargate cardgame out now, how weird (they seem serious about it, not like the Buffy one); I stopped in a comic store during lunch.

I think Private Practice will die a quick death unless they join it to the hip with Grey's. Trying to grab two nights out of them is just greedy on their part and will probably bite them. ABC did win me over with October Road though.
It's interesting that SciFi cancels Stargate just as marketing it gets kicked into overdrive. Of course, they probably console themselves by looking at the ratings accept those reflect that a large chunk of the audience has already seen the eps via downloads. Not that I'm bitter.

I'm torn on PP getting paired with GA. I can see ABC having a fear of the shows bleeding into one another. On the other hand, given the quality of the quasi-pilot, that bleeding could help. Maybe put it after GA for year, have it gain an audience, and then move it.

October Road is coming back mid-season, but you probably already knew that.
I got through about 40 minutes of Last Sentinel (technically, although I fast forwarded through the 20 minute gun fights) before I said farewell to Kara, I mean Katee. I think I read that Katee said she did the movie for the stunts and the knife fighting lessons. I hope they were worth it :/ I'll bet she's a little mortified that SciFi picked it up.
I think you are correct as to why Katee claims she did the film. Those remarks seem familiar now. But couldn't she have just taken some classes and spared herself the embarrassment?

Sadly I was watching it in real time so I could not FF through the fights that WOULD NOT END. If they were well staged they would have at least been tolerable, but they were horrible. I loved the shots of the fake heads getting blown up. :/
You sort of wonder who's representing her, and why they didn't just suggest she go to stunt school. That was one stinky movie! Whew.

I'm going to have to try Ghost Rig on your recommendation though. As long as you promise I'll still love Jamie when it's all over :)
Well, I still love Jamie...bad example. ;)

I got a copy of GR at Deepdiscountdvd for $6 so I really can't complain too much. He looks good in it and does the best he can with the material. Kerry is pretty good as well. They tried, bless them. The funny thing is I had no idea what Kerry looked like at the time so out of the three actresses I was hoping it was her since she was the best of the three. :)

Actually, I think the worst thing I have ever seen Jamie in is Ultimate Force. In addition to it being a horrible series, he wasn't good in it. Not that I entirely blame him for his lackluster performance. He admits he hated the project and you can actually see his misery on screen.
I actually liked "Bounty," but I also had really low expectations for it based on the preview. I didn't realize this was the Bus Ex Machina ep until it happened and then I couldn't stop laughing at how awful that was. Totally random occurrence! Great storytelling writers, really top-drawer.

I love when Ben and Claudia have screentime together no matter who they're playing, so that certainly made the ep more fun for me.
I forgot about the bus too until I saw the female bounty hunter. The sad thing is they probably thought it was clever just having her killed randomly like that. Sigh. On the bright side, this week's ep is pretty darn good. At least I recall laughing in the good way. :)
I ended up fast-forwarding through 75% of The Last Sentinel, mostly slowing down only for Katee scenes, and even then I had to fast-forward through all the tedious battle scenes. (I like a well-done battle scene, but these were just all the same, and there was way too much of it.) Blech. What a tedious movie. What was Katee thinking? Oh, well, I suppose every actor has something on their resume like that.
I don't mind shooting and stabbing and heads being blown up as long as it's done well. Sadly, I don't think I'll have the guts to ask Katee at Dragon Con what the hell she was thinking. Hopefully, someone else will. :)
I'd say it was Painkiller Jane bad, but it was worse.

I'm on the fence over whether that's a good standard for The Last Sentinel. See, I think Painkiller Jane is actually trying to be hip and interesting, which is one of the reasons it's so unwatchable. Whereas I think The Last Sentinel was mostly trying to come in under a budget of $45.90, and apparently succeeded.

In any case, there's two hours of our lives we'll never get back. Thank goodness for the alchohol.
The Painkiller Jane folks are at least trying to do a decent show and have probably deluded themselves into believing they have succeeded. With The Last Sentinel the damn dog wasn't even trying.

The film may have even been a low point for SciFi films. The few that I've dared watch previously have at least had an element of cheesy fun about them. One even managed to pass at being mildly entertaining. But this film we couldn't even laugh at.
Whereas I think The Last Sentinel was mostly trying to come in under a budget of $45.90, and apparently succeeded.

Oh, this made me laugh. Is that why they seemed to be using the same battle scenes over and over again? *snicker*
Heh, I've just asked the question about all the Brits in US tv. Maybe they audition for it to get some variety in their work - the law of averages says that there are more different roles out there than over here. But I keep wondering what makes each actor who is cast better for the role than their American counterparts? They're playing people who live in a pretty different culture and yet get the part over someone who is from that culture.

Or maybe I'm underestimating their abilities (and am tired).
I don't think cultural differences play into the parts we see these actors playing. Damian will be portraying a detective. Hugh plays a doctor. Jamie plays, well, let's just say a pilot and soldier. These are universal jobs, easily identifiable, and similar in many cultures and societies. And they all are playing educated, fairly sophisticated characters. Now would I buy Hugh Laurie as a sharecropper from the south in the 20's? I'm not so sure.