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Up Next, What CBS Thinks Makes Good TV

But first, some thoughts on the current slate of TV…

The season finale of Bones was…odd. I enjoyed it, but it just felt…odd.

Ok, I haven’t really been watching it much, but I’ve heard Melinda who is awesome and I just don’t know what people were thinking. I’d be pissed on her behalf, but two words: Chris Daughtry. He finished fourth and is selling millions more albums than the actual winner so I know she’ll be just fine.

I saw a commercial for Live Free or Die Hard for the first time. I don’t know if I should be excited or laugh uncontrollably. The stunts/effects look terrific, but also beyond the realm of reality. And hasn’t New York been through enough?

Chase is allowed to write on the white board! Hopefully, he won’t allow this new achievement to go to his head. ;)

There were many great lines in this episode. The writers always seem to do some really good work in the penultimate episode of the season. Maybe it’s a way to make up for their less stellar work? Anyway, here are a few bits that stood out for me:

House marking the significance of their meeting by announcing it would be Foreman’s last time misdiagnosing a patient.

The House/Cameron exchange: "And it’s Tuesday."/"See you next Tuesday." I love that they are keeping up the joke of Chase taking a chance every Tuesday as promised. I love that they semi break down the forth wall by putting the characters and audience in the same point in time. And I love that it’s coming from two people who plan to spend every Tuesday together for the rest of their lives.

House telling Foreman he’s not ready to leave, “You could have defied me…you trust my judgment more than your own.” Deep down Foreman knows he’s right, he’s always known. At least if he wants to become the kind of doctor he’s always said he’s wanted to become. He chose to work with House because he was the best. Now he’s applying to hospitals that treat the upper class, their aches and pains. It won’t be challenging work, it will be safe, the type of diagnosing where you can guarantee as much as you possibly can that you don’t have to make hard choices or make mistakes.

I knew House had made the phone call for exactly the reason Chase stated. And I’m glad they it was Chase who figured it out. He deserves a moment, one that makes sense and not that screwy, out-of-the blue insight he demonstrated last week.

I liked the kid (AKA Mini House by me) early on, but then his constant abuse got annoying. It also dawned on me that he really wasn’t a younger version of House. I couldn’t see House just going up to some starnger hurling insults or picking a fight. This kid would do it in a second.

Now, my two cents on the CBS upfronts:

First off, if you are a Jericho fan, sorry. The sad thing about this cancellation is its CBS’s fault. The long winter hiatus coupled with keeping it opposite American Idol seems to have been its undoing.

I already talked a bit about Cane which will air Tuesdays at 10. Apparently the Latino family at the center of the show owns a rum and sugar business, hence the title. I still like the previous one better. Plus I’m concerned it is a little too soapy. Jimmy Smit’s character is the adopted son of the family patriarch and is married to the man’s biological daughter which means technically he married his sister. Er, OK.

Viva Laughlin is a remake of Britain’s Blackpool which I didn’t watch, but I will be watching this because Hugh Jackman is executive producing and appearing in the pilot (a detail CBS seems to be pushing hard). There will be Hugh singing and me turning into a puddle of goo. It airs Sundays at 8pm.

Moonlight is the story of a vampire detective filled with remorse who makes it his life’s work to help mortals and eventually falls in love with one….wait a minute! The promo pic even shows the lead in a long black coat. Curiosity will get the better of me and I’ll give it a look though. It’s going to be on after Ghost Whisperer, a show I hope to never have to sit through again, but giving the supernatural element to both series it seems like a good pairing.

We have a runner up to Caveman as most confounding concept, Kid Nation, “a reality series where 40 kids will try to build a new society in an abandoned ghost town.” I bet the chubby kid with glasses gets it.

Captain Jack! The other one. No, not that one, the OTHER other one. Jack Davenport stars in the midseason series, Swingtown about suburban swingers in the 70’s. Yes, really.
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They cancelled Jericho? Well, I guess it was a pretty risky and out-there show for CBS, even if it was pretty tame by any other standards. Now I won't bother catching up, since I understand it ends on a cliffhanger.

Jimmy Smit’s character is the adopted son of the family patriarch and is married to the man’s biological daughter which means technically he married his sister.

Perhaps he was adopted after the marriage, to explicitly inherit the business down the family line although he wasn't a blood relative? I hope. That's not an uncommon arrangement in some cultures when there's no biological son to take over the family business.
I thought of you when I read of the Jericho cancellation. I didn't think you be pulling your hair out over it, but, still. On the bright side, it's one thing you scratch off your catch-up list.

He may have been adopted after the marriage. Apparently the wife was 17 when they married so if he's just a bit older he would have been young and I could see opting to bring him into the family. But there is also a biological son who, of course, is the wild, reckless, not sure they can trust him one and sibling rivalry ensues. If this is a well done soap I can probably stick with it, but reading about it is making my head spin a little.
I just about peed my pants when Melinda got the boot, I swear to God. I love Blake to bits, but...come on. Of course, I was hoping Jordin would get kicked off so it could be Blake/Melinda. :0D

That was truly a shocker.
Even Good Morning America was talking about it, in depth, and basically shrugged it off pointing out how the winners have produced a mixed bag of success. Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have sold millions of records, but they pointed out that while Taylor Hicks has sold roughly 700,000 copies of his debut Chris Daughtry has sold 2.4 million. The consensus is Melinda will be just fine. I'd hazard to guess Simon is working on signing her himself.
Yeah, we all know OE isn't leaving the show so I'm going to be interested to see where they are going to stick him after all this. I'm pretty sure he's not going to remain a duckling.
And vampires appear to be hot to network executives these days. First, Blood Ties, then Anna Paquin is doing the C. Harris novels for HBO and now Moonlighting. Going to be an interesting Fall.
My mother became convinced Foreman was going. I tried to ensure her that Omar was continuing with the show, but she still doesn't quite believe me.

It would seem we knew vampires were cool long before the major networks did. ;)
I knew House had made the phone call for exactly the reason Chase stated. And I’m glad they it was Chase who figured it out. He deserves a moment, one that makes sense and not that screwy, out-of-the blue insight he demonstrated last week.

And when House said, "Sometimes I forget why I hired you," or something to that effect, it was nice to have an acknowledgement that Chase isn't a moron and that House actually found a worthwhile quality (or two) which prompted his hire in the first place.
Sometimes I wonder why he hired any of them. ;) So it was nice to have a moment where you can see what House sees in them.
Poor Skeet! The dude deserves more respect than he gets, he was an answer on Jeopardy this week for Jeebus' sake.
I was going to buy the Jericho DVDs and give it a chance, but now I think I'll skip. Sigh. Now I feel like it's my fault for now watching! (Not that I'm a Nielsen house or anything, so this is misplaced).

I agree with much of what you said on House, and I love what you point out, that Jennifer and Jesse are going to spend the rest of their Tuesdays together. That's cool.
If it was a self contained season I'd say you still may wish to check it out, but I hear it ends on a huge cliffhanger.

I'm no Chase/Cameron shipper, but Jesse and Jennifer are pretty cute. ;-)