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FOX and The CW Upfronts - Bring on the Suck!

Hey, I'm not exaggerating with the subject line. I'm predicting another bad season for both networks. Loading your schedules with reality TV is not a cure all. Farmer Takes a Wife. Really CW? REALLY?

As I'm sure most of you have heard, Veronica Mars is not on the fall schedule. Ausiello started some rumor that the show may not yet be dead, that the network has until June 15th to make a final decision, but this seems to be little more than a rumor.

The only other thing I have to say about The CW is I find it humorous that, depending on the media outlet, Reaper is listed as a comedy or drama. I think it's a comedy (or dramedy), however with a story that entails the lead's family selling his soul to Satan years earlier and Satan now wanting to make him his bounty hunter to reclaim escaped souls from hell, I can see the confusion.

The only new show on FOX I am looking forward to is The Sarah Conner Chronicals. In addition to positive buzz, it has some good people both behind and in front of the camera. Though, Summer Glau a high school student along side 15 year old John Conner I find questionable. Supposedly there is more to her character than meets the eye and I hope that includes her pretending to be a teenager.

I hadn't heard a lot about New Amsterdam other than it dealt with a police detective in New York City, had a supernatural element, and was created by Lasse Hallstrom. Then today I read FOX's official press release and...oh, boy. The police detective is immortal. OK, I can accept that. How did he become immortal? In 1642, John Amsterdam in New Amsterdam (the title has a double meaning!) stepped in front of a sword to save a young Native American girl during a massacre. She decides to say thanks and save his life by casting a spell on him that grants him immortality. It gets better. He will become whole and mortal again only when he finds his one true love. (Insert hysterical laughter here.) Yeah, yeah, I'm sure the FOX PR monkeys are being melodramatic, but I fear a significant amount of this could play out as written.

But why will I watch the premiere you ask? Come on, ask. Nikolaj Coster Walsau. I didn't recognize the name at first, but I saw his pic and it's Paul Bettany's cut tennis buddy from Wimbledon.

I'll also give Back to You a shot. Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton together have the potential to be funny.

The thing that really pissed me off about FOX's schedule was the juggling come mid season. Shifting Bones from 8 to 9 on Wednesday is not a big deal, imho, but moving it to Friday's at 8 in the spring? I'm hoping this idea goes the way of the one to move House to Monday's this season, in other words, it won't happen.

What wasn't picked up? David Eick's other pilot, Them, starring Tricia Helfer.

I still love the show, but I hated the finale. More precisely, the last ten minutes. I wasn't thrilled with the pregnancy storyline, but it is a very soapy thing to do and thus in keeping with the show's inspiration. And the revelation of Amanda's possible parentage could set up some humorous scenarios. I'm betting we're led to believe, at some point next season, that Bradford is her father which means she slept with her brother! Accept it will turn out not to be true. But they had to have Santos murdered in a hold up?! I know, the actor was starring in Drive and the UB folks had no way of knowing it would be cancelled in three weeks, but there HAD to be another way to remove him from the show. Great, the show I consider fun to watch leaves me all summer with the image of Hilda crying in Betty's arms and poor Justin soon to get his heart ripped out on his big night. THANKS!

Up until that point the only serious thoughts I had included wondering if the term "ball gag" had ever been used on network TV at 8 o'clock before and if I was imagining Betty's wardrobe getting better. :(

Thanks to a link just provided to me I've come to realize, Private Practice, The Bionic Woman, and Bones will all air at 9pm on Wednesdays. Bionic meet this thing called a VCR.
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