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That's No Moon, That's a Space Station (sort of)

It seems that when I originally posted on this past Friday's SG1 I also discussed the next two episodes. In order not to spoil, I shall do the copy and paste thing (with some slight edits).

From the mind of Ben Browder! No surprise, the man knows how to bring the funny. And I really enjoyed the case of mistaken identity and being forced to assume these roles assigned to them. Poor Daniel is horrified at the thought of having to play into everyone's misconceptions. Telling the truth and doing the right thing have always been so important to him. He really has to be pushed in some horrific way to stray from his beliefs and there is really nothing here to do that. It ends up coming down to the worst case scenario presented by Vala or play the villain for a few hours until Stargate Command checks on their status. That's a no brainer.

I'm not Michael Shanks biggest fan, but he was hilarious here. His exasperation at the bickering women. And his inherent politeness and need for as much information as possible (particularly in first contact situations) thwarting the security guards attempts at being the big hero. What terrorist would calmly ask, "To whom am I speaking?"

I'm pretty sure this script would have been in development, if not completed, when word of the cancellation came, but Cicero served as a nice reminder as to where Daniel came from. Unfortunately, Cicero is not going to be afforded the same opportunities as Daniel was.

I had two quibbles with the episode. First, on repeated viewing, and watched on a much larger screen, the museum looks as if they redecorated a high school. Secondly, the ending - Cam was able to talk his way out of the situation with far too much ease.

The episode opens with John and Rodney exploring the ship and Teyla and Ronan being left behind on the jumper. Heck, we don't even know the other two are around for awhile. It all reminds me of danceswithwords comments last week about John and Rodney increasing becoming the focus of the show. Even with Teyla having a significant role later on in the episode and some cute interaction between John and Ronan, particularly Ronan perking up by the promise of a fight to the death, I still didn't really feel a team dynamic at all.

And after coming to like Rodney more, watching him grow as a person, I felt like a reset button was hit here. I know the situation was dire, that there was seemingly no hope, but whining about it for ten minutes was not going to help.

Herick's grief and despair after waking up to find out his family was long dead was expected. I could even understand his desire to not want to live without them. But there were ways to kill himself without wiping out what was left of his race. Was he that blinded by anger at Jamus that he cared nothing for the 1000 innocent souls in stasis? Instead of feeling any sympathy for the character I was left angry at him.

While I don't know that much about moons and orbits, I find it hard to believe that a ship blowing up would send a moon out of it orbit and hurtling towards the planet. But what was really insulting to me was the ending. We lost a shuttle and it's crew because of missing tiles and the show wants us to believe that John's ship survives a moon breaking up around him and skidding off the atmosphere. I couldn't see John as the hero after that. And considering some other dubious story telling choices the show has made it makes me wonder if they ever stop and think how their choices may be perceived.

Remember how I was wondering how many Brits would be appearing on U.S. TV this fall? Well, Zap2It has done some of the work for me.

And slightly belated Happy Birthdays! to wisteria_ and treacle_a. I friended you back in the days of Buffy for your marvelous fanfic and meta and am thrilled that I have gotten to know both of you beyond that. :)
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That set SO looked like a high school. The viewing audience at our house was of the opinion that they just redressed the same stage from the previous episode, using a lot of the same props. Did you dig the totally "alien" buffet tables and ice sculptures, not to mention no-attempt-to-disguise real-world Earth guns? I think their budget ran out.

None of which, of course, prevented me from enjoying that episode immensely. I've always thought that Stargate is best enjoyed on the level of, "okay, it's a plot I may have seen before, but never with THESE characters," and yep, that was it: "Bad Guys" was Airheads, Stargate-style.

And on that note, the SGA episode could've almost been drinking-party game for spot-that-plot - I think we started with Star Trek's "Space Seed," and then changed to the Doctor Who episode "Ark in Space," and just kept going from there. The beginning seemed very Armageddon-esque, not that I've ever been able to get through that movie. But I appreciated the orange spacesuits - for some reason, seeing the SGA crew dressed like real astronauts made me go "awwwww."
The fact that there was no exterior shooting and filming was limited to about four locations in the building, I'm thinking they were cost cutting - most likely saving up money for the finale. Unfortunately, that meant getting the least believable museum I have ever seen.

'Bad Guys' wasn't at all original, but it had the unique 'Stargate' spin. There were so many great little moments. Like Teal'c walking by Daniel and simply saying "Die Hard" and Daniel still not getting it. On the surface, it's merely amusing, yet, at the same time, speaks volumes about the characters. Teal'c has always been into pop culture while Daniel spends so much time with his head buried in research that he's probably missed out on a lot of what the 20th Century has offered.

I'm beginning to think SGA is best watched while drinking. ;) I didn't get their orange spacesuits since SG1 has the big, puffy, white ones. Does Atlantis get the leftovers?
Your subject like makes me laugh like a hyena.

And when it comes to SGA, sadly, these are not the droids we seek. *sigh*

I wish I could have heard that. :)

Droids would have helped. Though we probably would have had to endure hearing about McKay's fear of anal probing.