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I like the title. :)

Maybe I'm the only one who felt this way, but it just seemed as too much was happening in this episode. In actuality, everything and everyone was moving towards an event, yet I felt pulled in a half dozen different directions. Peter's little trip out of time - I'm still not sure what is up with that. And when the revelation was made that love would save the world I started having flashbacks to Love, Actually.

Overall, I thought it had some great moments. Claire declaring she had a family before taking a header out the window. Finding out Mr. Bennet's first name, Noah. Mohinder finally growing a pair. The standoff between Peter and Sylar. And Nathan proving he's not a complete tool (in one of the slashier moments of the series ;). I don't for a minute think Peter and Nathan are dead. I always thought there was a possibility one could die, but no way would the show kill off both Petrelli brothers.

It dawned on me last week what was bugging me about Mother Petrelli. If any of you have seen The Manchurian Candidate (the original - accept no substitutes) you may notice she's cut from the same mold as Angela Landbury's Mrs. Iselin - a woman supposedly working for an organization (in that case, the Chinese) hoping to infiltrate politics through her husband (in this case, her son) and change the course of history. Only later do we find out she has her own agenda.

So, it was an OK finale for me, but I still don't feel invested in this show.

In more important news (for me at least :), it was impossible to get through by phone to vote for Apolo and Julianne tonight and I'm taking that as a good sign. Also of the good, through some screw up on the website I think I managed to vote for them about 30 times. Woo!
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