Asta 2


Today is the day we can rejoice in the birth of the dear, sweet (most of the time ;), generous, funny, witty, wise and generally all around swell gal writteninstars.  I feel as if I have known her FOREVER and I mean that in all the good ways.  In reality, it's only been roughly six years.  We were brought together by Sydney and Vaughn, Spike and Buffy, Lee and....well, we don't always agree. ;) The great thing is we can disagree and mock and embarass each other and see each other in person once a year and act as if it's just been a matter of days. 

I hope you had a great day with The Girls and Johnny and had a moment to check your phone messages. :)

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Don't think I didn't notice the very pretty David icon you used for this post. ::refuses to lick laptop screen::

DUDE! It feels like both more and less time that we have known each other. It has just literally flown right by. I wouldn't trade a second of it, of course. When I get to hang out with you, well, it's just wonderfully ordinary. Like you said, we just pick right up as if we were in mid-conversation. I just love you so much and I am well and truly blessed to have you as one of my dearest friends. Thank God for Sydney and Vaughn and Buffy and Spike. :-)
I was actually going to use another icon, but then I remembered I had David and I HAD to use it. :)

Now off to work on packaging up your prezzies. ;)