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The Damn, I Have to Go Back to Work Tomorrow Post

Three day weekends go by way too fast. Overall it was restful, but I feel like there was so much I should have gotten done and didn' usual.

My friend (the same one I went to see Pirates with - that will be important later) and I went to see Waitress this afternoon. Keri Russell and Nathan Fillion were OMG SO CUTE! together and there was much kissing which is always a good thing. Both really helped to carry a film that, in essence, didn't have much of a story to tell. However, I appreciated that the script which could have veered off into quirkiness or sap felt very grounded in reality. And the supporting players all did an excellent job of playing very flawed, yet very likable characters. Well, accept for Jenna's (Keri) husband who was meant to be hated. Jeremy Sisto seems to excel at disturbed, angry characters.

After the movie we met my friend's hubby for lunch. Poor guy. He got to spend a good chunk of time listening to us ramble on about all the problems with Pirates:AWE. Yes, two days later we still felt the need to vent our frustration and disappointment. When she stopped and asked me if I thought Spiderman 3 was a better film, after thinking about it a moment, I had to say, on some levels, yes.

Because some people don't wish to have a big deal made out of their birthdays, I shall express a very small Happy (belated) Birthday! to cathyteach2, no_detective, and divahag.

I'm several weeks behind on the brouhaha and most of you fanfic writers or aficionados have probably already heard about FanLib, but in case you haven't let me link to a few links on why we all should be wary of this endeavor. icarusancalion posts a recap on the genesis of FanLib with many links. stewardess whips up a brief FAQ. telesilla provides another useful FAQ. angiepen breaks down FanLib's TOS and the problems with it. And check out metafandom for new discussion on the subject.

I'm not providing a direct link to FanLib since every time someone visits the site it helps them look good. Personally, the big problem I have is over ownership. What it comes down to is that if, on some off chance some studio or TV exec comes across your story and thinks it's brilliant FanLib can sell it and profit from it leaving you with nothing. On the other hand, if some exec screams copyright infringement and unleashes a pack of bored attorneys to deal with the matter guess who is left to defend themselves? Yep, the writer, because according to FanLib it's now your work and you posted it and they wash their hands of it. Yeah, I think I'll stick to LJ.

Oh, anyone watching Kingdom with Stephen Fry? I stumbled across it, decided to give it a try (because of Stephen Fry), and am enjoying it a lot. I don't know if I should hope for a second series or that they bring him back on Bones.
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I completely sympathise with the frustration of a disappointing film. Though I found something out yesterday that I thought I should pass along that might at least make you feel better about the writers' intentions. Apparently there was a scene cut from AWE for time which explains that had Davey Jones and Calypso met as planned after ten years and had their love stayed true, Jones would have been released from the curse of the Dutchman and been allowed to come ashore and be a normal dude again. The implication and intention being in the after-film clip to show that Elizabeth and Will had found true love and that he was coming home for good. At which point I think they'd only be about thirty, which isn't as bad as it could be, I guess...

(Ironically - after arguing FOR the bleaker ending! - I'm confused about this revelation, thematically speaking, but it certainly shows that the writers' agreed with you in terms of the necessary happy ending for Will and Elizabeth...)
OMG. HOW could they cut that scene??? That's HUGE! Of course they would be smiling because after ten years they were to be reunited. And I can accept Will having to pay a price for getting a second chance at life and Elizabeth willing to wait if she knew at some point they could actually have a life together. All the bleeping exposition and lame jokes they could have cut and they choose a pivitol scene instead? And it still doesn't explain putting the ending after the credits. In the first two we had bits with the monkey and the dog, nothing that changed the plot or outcome of the story, this was just...ugh. OK, someone has finally managed to piss me off more than Ron Moore.
OK, someone has finally managed to piss me off more than Ron Moore.

Wow. Now that's impressive. I think I feel priveleged to have been a part of this moment... No. Seriously, that wasn't sarcasm there!

I think that if the scene hadn't been cut it would have made sense to put the ending after the credits would have made sense. Because the ending with Will leaving to return ten years later if they remained true to each other - well the happy ending would have been implicit. Actually seeing it after the credits (along with the not-very-shocking-revelation of Will Jr) would have been a bit of an easter-egg. Confirmation of what the audience would assume anyway?

I got the information about the cut scene from Wikipedia, which I know isn't particularly accurate always but it was referenced - apparently one of the writers posted it at a forum. I think it's in the At World's End entry.
Hee. I'm glad I could make you feel so special. ;)

I'll have to check out Wikipedia and see if it can make any more sense of the movie for me. I do agree that had the cut scene remained in the film - as it should have - then tacking on the Will/Elizabeth reunion after the credits would have been fine because, yes, we could have assumed they were reunited after ten years. Besides, the last scene of them on shore before he departs was kind of hot and a nice last image. ;)
I am so dreading seeing AWE as I know I'm going to be totally disappointed. However I have seen Spiderman so I have some comparison! And as both you and Wis have recommended Waitress I might try to watch that (though probably illegally as opposed to sensibly).

The FanLib thing annoys me - 'it's ours if it's good, it's yours if there's trouble' - therefore, what's the point of the site? At least with it's always yours.

I meant to watch Kingdom and then forgot about it. My Dad and Stepmum like it though! I think Stephen would be able to do both shows if it came to it too.
Oh, anyone watching Kingdom with Stephen Fry? I stumbled across it, decided to give it a try (because of Stephen Fry), and am enjoying it a lot. I don't know if I should hope for a second series or that they bring him back on Bones.

There's supposed to be a second series of Kingdom, which I was a bit surprised at as I didn't think they were getting that good ratings. I think Stephen Fry was supposed to have done 3 episodes of Bones, I only saw one though. I'm not really sure how they'd work him into more episodes, so it'll be interesting to see how he fits in.