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Remember When Fandom Was Fun?

I feel drained just reading about the current situation on LJ. Applause to those spear heading efforts to force Live Journal/Six Apart to re-evaluate. I know many people are considering moving to other blogging sites. That just seems too daunting a task for me. And I hope that between fandom outrage and news sites beginning to pick up the story Six Apart will pull their heads out of their collective asses, back track, and do the right thing. I'm sure a few disgusting sites were eradicated, but a lot of innocent people had years of work vanish without a word. Would it have killed them to have people investigate the comms before suspending them? Most of us surf LJs before friending people and we can tell pretty quickly if it's someone we want to be 'friends' with or not. This just seems like they didn't even make an attempt to look before they leaped.

There's a lot of links and discussion out there which I'm sure most of you have come across. I'm just going to point out this brief write up at because a) it's brief ;) and b) it sums up some things about Six Apart nicely.

I did end up archiving my journal last night. It's something I've been meaning to do for awhile and since everyone else was doing's the archive I used that most people were linking too. I got a wee bit confused after clicking on download and then download again. Under the latest releases section I (eventually) clicked on 32-bit windows and it was smooth sailing from there.

Now back to the regularly scheduled entertainment news...

Eh. I didn't hate it. It didn't make me want to throw things at the screen. However, it felt like some random mid-season filller ep rather than a season finale. The cliffhanger wasn't much of one since I haven't heard of anyone leaving the show. The patient's story seemed a bit sloppy. Why the big deal about the lost suitcase when the contents would have been of no help. And should I get started on Cameron? I was so proud of her telling Chase it was over and keeping him at bay all these weeks and then she shows up on his doorstep and says she couldn't wait until Tuesday. WHAT?! To make matters worse she resigns and I'm not sure why other than House was mean to her sort-of boyfriend.

One great moment was after the patient came back from the dead. House looked up towards the heavens and I think it was less about the "miracle" then House wondering if perhaps there is a God and he was wrong. ;-)

Because Ausiello has been increasingly pissing me off (there is a difference between sarcasm and rudeness dude) I've been exploring other entertainment news sources. TV Squad had a couple of links recently that I thought might be of interest to some of you.

The 'Veronica Mars' That Could Have Been.

And for those wondering about a certain obscured plot point in the season finale of 'Lost'.

Now I shall go do some work I brought home from the office. ::grumbles::
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