Hee! And I just saw your sort-of ficathon and thought about possible pairings and Lee/Helo would be good. ;)

I agree. I'd love to see it end with a bang as big and exciting as the one that started it.
I'm a bit bummed just because I'll miss seeing certain people very week. ;) But if it means going out on a high note or limping along like The X-Files did, I choose the former.
I'm glad there is at least a finite end date, so the writers have a chance to finish the story. Whether they can actually pull off a season that doesn't sag in the middle like a beer-stained frat house couch remains to be seen.
Hee. You are just on a role with the scenrios aren't you? ;)

I think I'm going to do a post this weekend on my thoughts about all this and, thus far, those thoughts are all positive. Better to go out like ST:TNG than...oh, where should I begin? Alias? The X-Files? Enterprise?!
I'm pretty confident they'll give us a stunning conclusion. Or maybe just wildly optimistic. I personally feel the show falters when it strays from it's overarching story, so I have a feeling the whole season will be devoted to that. I'm excited.
Maybe I'll have to say I was wrong sometime in 2008, but, yeah, I have a good feeling about this too. I think they have the first half of the season written, but not the last half and I have to believe that, given this was a possability, Ron didn't waste the first ten eps on a bunch of standalone stories.

I'm excited too and not just about BSG, but also the big event tonight. ;)

I've had a total crap day today, for reasons I WON'T get into....except a pretty lil' card in the mail.....
AND NOW THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:hangs head and sulks:
So long as they give us a good end, I am fine with it being over. I'd rather see limited amounts of brilliance than an extended decent into mediocrity.

I still think sci-fi really is to blame for "ruining" the shows ratings by messing with the schedule over and over and over.

I thought S7 of DS9 was brilliant. Easily its most tightly plotted. My jaw very often dropped at the end of each episode, particularly since I had been so engrossed, I lost all track of time and wasn't expecting it to be over. And I wept bitterly when it finally ended because in the end, it had been so damned good.

::tries to keep the faith in RDM for BSG's swan song::