Asta 2

Greatest Journal

I keep forgetting to post that I, too, have a Greatest Journal account. I'm Asta77 there as well. I also staked out a claim on Insane Journal under both Asta77 and Asta, but I don't know if I'd use there site. I like the idea of Bamber_News being a community rather than an "asylum". ;p

Now I have officially been staring at this screen for five hours - posting, exiting old comms, joining new ones, creating a filter for said comms to make my Flist manageable again, and cleaning out and renaming bookmarks. Am I the only one who saves links and then realizes that can't tell by the title what the hell they are?

On the brightside, the weather is gorgeous so I've been outside doing most of that. But now I'm hungry and the bird staring at me probably won't let me eat out here in peace.
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Wow. Thanks. It's so rare to see people icon classic films and to have it be one of my favorite...WOO!
I had totally forgotten about my greatest journal. My home away from LJ has been vox, and my home away from 6a has been twitter.
I have a Vox account too, but I was never thrilled with it and since it's owned by Six Apart I doubt I would migrate there. I've just recently heard about Twitter so I'm not familiar enough with it to see if I might be comfortable there.
The only reason I have a vox account is to keep up with some real-life friends that have accounts there. I have mixed feelings about 6a. I have a lot of respect for the co-founders, and I like their products. And as a service provider myself, I can understand the need to balance freedom of expression with the concerns they face in respect to moral/legal stuff and that fine line one must walk. But I do not do not do not like how they've handled the customer service issues.

As for twitter, it is and it isn't a community kinda thing. There are ways to talk to individuals, but it's more like putting your thoughts out into the stream and reeling in other people's info as that stream burbles past. I personally love it, although not everyone groks it, or even uses it the same way I do.