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'Rescue Me' and 'Stargate' - two shows that have nothing in common!

Just realized it's been awhile since I posted anything. You can tell how exciting my life has been. ;) There was some work drama and some mother drama, but it's all been rectified. I think.

I split my Flist into two reading groups - people and communities. Why didn't I do that sooner? It makes managing my LJ reading so much easier and I don't feel as if I'm missing anything now.

I haven't written a word of fan fic in...checks calendar...a loooong time. I have ideas, but can't seem to commit anything to the computer. Someone light a fire under me, OK?

I've still been watching old skool SG1 on SciFi, assuming I'm home by 6, and I caught a Season 3 episode, 'Learning Curve', that I somehow missed the first time around. I was actually impressed by this episode. It tackled a pretty huge issue. Do we have the right to dictate change to a society that operates, even thrives, in a manner that we find objectionable? The Urrones use their children as incubators for knowledge and, unlike any culture found here on earth, pass along what they have learned to the adults who go on to build a better society. The downside, and something that we cannot help but find abhorrent, is that the children not only lose their childhood, but their intelligence and personality in the transition. These children are helping their people, they are revered, they are even well taken care of after they have done their duty, but is it right? I have to admit that as much as it pained me to see the kids left barely able to function, I didn't believe the team or anyone had a right to tell these people how to run their society.

Such a powerful topic to tackle, but as usual, the show failed to really capitalize on the foundation it laid (though it didn't screw up as badly as I feared). The first thing that struck me as off is that it seemed to cross no one's mind that Jack's powerful desire to 'save' Merrin may have had something to do with the death of his own son and inability to save him. Charlie was robbed of a childhood and a life because of a horrific accident. Jack is now watching Merrin have her life systematically taken from her. In later seasons, Charlie has basically been forgotten so I really hoped to see in this episode an acknowledgment from the team on how hard it must be for Jack to go on every day past the facade he puts up. But, no.

The other missed opportunity, again involving Jack, is not having him realize that by teaching Merrin how to be creative, to have fun, and to just be a kid that that knowledge, along with everything else she learned, would be passed on. Too often It seems that the writers choose to forget how smart SG1 is in order to have a pat or sappy ending. Though, I have to admit, I got a little teary during that last scene between Merrin and Jack.

OK, can we kill Janet? Pleeeeeaaaassssse. God I hate that woman. And if the baby hates her already he's one smart kid. I'm with Tommy, if he's the moral center of the family, they've got trouble. Janet should realize that just because they did stupid stuff at Colleen's age and are still paying for it it doesn't mean you just let her screw up her life. Tommy is an alcoholic. Their son was killed by a drunk driver. Gee, think Tommy has a right to be concerned that their seventeen year old is out drinking and drugging and doing who knows what else? Seriously, why does ANYONE want to be with Janet?

Pretty much everyone else I loved in the ep. Well, Franco kind of bored me. I appreciate that he isn't sleeping with every woman he meets now (it got old), but I can't figure out why his committed to the current girlfriend.

The chief was great. I was actually proud of him. Not just for getting in shape, but working at rebuilding the relationship with his son. The way they are coming together has been both gradual and believable. They were first brought together by his wife's deteriorating health, now the near death experience has made him reexamine what's important to him. And the son knows this is not easy, but you could see how happy it made him just to know his father loves him and that he's trying to accept it all.

I didn't know Tatum O'Neal was bing bumped to regular status, but I'm glad. She should be the least likable female on the show, yet she's my favorite. She knows she's a selfish bitch, embraces it, and you can take her or leave her, but she is who she is, no excuses. Also, nice role reversal with the porn interest.

I applaud the show for showing that Probie (who is NOT the sharpest knife in the drawer) chose to get a colonoscopy because of a family history of colon cancer. If just a few people watching with similar family histories thought it might be something they should do, the show did a public service. And I really hope he finds someone to love this season, because he looks like he's going to need the support.

The hot former nun latching on to Lou? I just don't get it. But I also don't get every woman that Tommy meets finding him attractive. Yeah, Denis is nice enough looking, but Tommy's personality and emotional baggage would send most women running...and screaming.
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