The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil


Ok, I'm in a chipper mood right now and have no idea why. (Which forces me to use the above/to the side/however you have your LJ formatted icon because it's impossible to look at that image and not smile. :) It's not like anything particularly wonderful happened today. And it's OMG THE LAST EPISODE EVER! of Stargate:SG1 tonight. Which, yes, I have seen it already, but, still! Also, without giving anything away, as far as finales go, it's a pretty satisfying ending.

It is a gorgeous day here and I do get to look out my window at the sun and listen to Snow Patrol and bounce (ok, not really) along as I do my work. Thus far today it has been quite - no emergencies or annoying phone calls or e-mails. The Boss returns from vacation on Monday and I'm sure that will change. This is not me slamming the guy, I just know that after he catches up on e-mail and voice mail he'll have 101 questions and I'll just sit there, nod my head, tell him it's been taken care of already, and if there are any complaints about me they are all lies.

I'm also ridiculously excited because I decided to take July 5th and 6th off. No, there is nothing special about those days accept they are between the July 4th holiday and the weekend which means I'll have five days off in a row! With no plans! Woo! The goal is to watch a lot of DVDs, read the backlog of magazines, and write fic dammit. There also may be some more cleaning and organizing too since I'm nutty enough to enjoy that sort of thing as long as it doesn't involve the bathroom or kitchen.

Oh, there be BSG spoilage floating around which makes me very happy. I don't mean that in the sense that there is news that Ron finally came to his senses about Lee and Laura and they'll be having a passionate affair this coming season, just that there are spoilers. I've missed them and the speculation.

Anyone else go into Target looking for a CD and instead walk out with clothes and almost a piece of furniture? Those damn clearance items always get me. Accept I couldn't rationlize spending $50 on a wobbly table.

Tomorrow I get to see divahag after far too long an absence. YAY!

Hmmmm, I guess I do see why I'm in a good mood. And this post is brought to you by me having way too much time on my hands. Now off to find some chocolate.
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