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I JUST SAW NEW BSG FOOTAGE! During the finale of SG1! SciFi is going to show a full Sneak Peak of the new season during the July 10th premiere of Eureka. I'm sure it's what they showed at the BSG Event a couple weeks ago, but for those of us not there...EEEEEEEEEE!!!
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Not much. It ran maybe 15 seconds. I wasn't even paying attention at first. It's like a second of a character then go to black and then some wording on screen and then the next character. I remember a very sweaty and concerned looking Kara. A shot of a new character, I'm guessing from 'Razor'. A shot of Six looking up at someone. And a really cool shot of Adama with an old skool Cylon in a case behind him.
Excellent! Just set the tivo to record all the shows until midnight. If they air the commercial again, I'll grab and upload it. :)
I'd be shocked if they don't run it again. They are plugging everything tonight - Eureka, Season 4 of SGA, BSG, and Flash Gordon (no footage on this one though).
Yup, I'm recording everything. What the hell is Painkiller Jane even about? A supermodel who also fights crime with her crack team of smart-yet-sexy geeks? All righty. Sometimes I think SciFi should change its slogan from "If" to "The fanboys will watch anything."

On the plus side, I'll be able to catch the promo if they show it again. Knock on wood.
I watched the pilot of PJ and that was an hour of my life I'm still wishing I had back. But it did help me coin the phrase, "Painkiller Jane bad". ;)

::knocks on wood::
OH EM GEE. They really know how to get us to tune into Eureka. Didn't they do this to us last year? :)