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"Thank you SG1 for ten amazing seasons."

You cancelled the show you bastards! Good grief. Who is running this network?!

Now traveling back in time a few months here was the one thought I had after just finishing watching the finale. And after absorbing it all, there were some coherent and analytical thoughts. I may have more to say later, but I'm actually a little verklempt right now. ::sniff::

ETA: Ok, I lied there are a couple things I want to elaborate on while fresh in my mind. This time around watching Daniel tear into Vala, I didn't hate him quite as much. Yes, I still think he was a colossal asshole and I still wasn't fathoming how he could be that clueless, but then I suddenly felt a tinge of sympathy for the jerk. The reality is, against all better judgment, he did fall for her. And after the loss of his wife and some painful brief encounters, he had worked to convince himself that she couldn't possibly have real feelings for him. She just wanted sex thus making it easy for him to push her away. Putting it in that context I felt sad for him. He's a brilliant scientist, but a very emotionally stunted human being. And one that is damn lucky she forgave him!

Still wish Teal'c had had a more significant part, but there was also something very fitting about him coming in at the end to save them all. Isn't that how the series opened? The team would have been killed if not for him. And that it was Sam's intellect and Teal'c's quite strength that allowed them to continue on through the gate was probably an unintended tribute to the two characters/actors that have been there for the entire ten years.
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I do think the Asgaard resolution was rushed, but totally plausible. They had mentioned before in their dealings with Jack, Sam, et al that their race was dying and I could see their fear of leaving this vast wealth of knowledge behind and having it fall into the hands of the replicators or Ori or someone we haven't met. If the cancellation hadn't come so late in the season then I would have liked some more set up to their decision to gift the human race with their legacy. To hand everything over, beam out, then blow up the planet was jarring emotionally.

And I really, really wish they could have gotten RDA for the finale. Putting aside that he and Sam could have gotten a little loving in those fifty years ;), I wanted to see Jack get a chance to say goodbye to Thor. He had grown very fond of the little guy and vice versa. (Oddly, Jack got two mentions in the SGA finale as to how fond he was of Elizabeth. Weird.)
Probably best we don't discuss Ben/Cam. Though I will give you this. I hate his tendency to fall into a Southern drawl when he's forced to age forty or fifty years. I had issues with it on Farscape and it didn't play well here either.

I actually just saw 'Past and Present' for the first time this week! For some reason I missed it on SciFI's last cycling of the eps. I actually think that ep lends support to my argument about his fears of getting involved with Vala and getting hurt again. He allowed himself to start caring about Kira only to find out soon after that she was Linnea who was responsible for the deaths of millions and nearly got them all killed. Oops. Now here's Vala who he knows has a very murky history, has had no ties to anyone until very recently, and he's finding himself drawn to her. I wouldn't call it love. Attraction and affection, yes, but I think Daniel fell in love with Vala after spending time alone with her on the ship. Considering that, with the exception of Jack and Sam, the series has done a very poor job building romantic relationships and conveying why two characters would want to be together, I'm willing to simply go with opposites attract with Daniel and Vala.

I thought that both Michael and Claudia did really nice work in that scene (in fact, I thought, "Oh, right! Shanks can act from time to time!"), but it was like the channel had changed to some other show in the middle.

I'm not the biggest fan of Michael's acting and I have to say I was impressed with him in that scene. It's difficult to be an asshole yet still garner a shred of sympathy from your audience. The other times he's really showed me he has some range is in his interactions with RDA/Jack. I'm not sure what that says. ;)

Even a Sam/Teal'c moment would have satisfied, but instead we get Sam crying at Landry's bedside?

Well, that scene made me happy, but that's probably not what they were going for. I'm still trying to figure out why Landry had to be there. Does anyone in the fandom care about him? And the fact that he was so easily willing to blow up the Asgaard's legacy pissed me off to no end.

Awww, I liked the cello. And I thought it was a wise move to take up a hobby. My inspirations seldom ever strike me while I'm doing my job.

So, should I count on you visiting when the DVDs are released? ;-)
*hands son a stiff drink of her choice and fantasy DVDs of season 9 & 10 with RDA and all-new material*
I loved this so much more than I thought I would. I'd even dare to put it up there with ST:NG's All Good Things as closure to a series without being a true end to the story. It was easily one of the most enjoyable episodes they've done in years. And I was surprised to be verklempt at the end, then actually crying when they did the "thanks for the memories, yadda." Bastards.

On a shallower note, SO happy to see Vala/Daniel in canon that will launch years of speculative FitB fanfic to come. Woot! So happy to see my woobies together :)
I've never shipped anyone on the show, but I was just thrilled to see them FINALLY allow two members of the team to get involved. Although, my personal theory is that Sam and Jack have had an intimate relationship since he left SGC.

It wasn't a perfect ending, but considering how many skunkers I've seen, I was pleased overall. And with the movies coming out soon there couldn't be a real sense of finality to it all.
I'm with the others on your original post about Daniel being an ass. He was less of a jerk the times he was EvilSuperPowerGuy. Geez.
It was an odd moment in the middle of everything else. I can understand his fears and choosing to believe that this was all a big joke to her, but I don't get why he had to rip into her like he did. It's almost as if the writers wanted to give Michael and Claudia this big acting moment and really didn't think about the consequences of that scene and how the audience would perceive it.
I could understand his fear, and if he'd held it to "This is all a big joke to you", that would have been ok and a legitimate issue.

The "It would NEVER be you" portion of the speech was the part I had trouble with. It didn't fit the rest of the show, because I always had the impression that he at least liked Vala in an 'exasperating kid sister' sort of a way. They weren't enemies. As it was, I was waiting for "You're beneath me." and for Vala to get a shotgun.
He's a brilliant scientist, but a very emotionally stunted human being.

I have a very strong vision of Daniel as someone who had more or less thought he'd made his peace with Sha're's death, and thought he was ready to move on, and then just passively never acted on it because he actually doesn't deal very well with things, and in a lot of ways has dealt less well with things as time went on and the terrible experiences added up and he lost his wonder and his belief in the power of communication and rationality. It's easier for him to just let himself get absorbed in his work, thinking that maybe tomorrow he'll try that dating thing. (Really, all of SG-1 are workaholic basket-cases; Cam was pretty well-adjusted in the beginning, but it was always only a matter of time before he joined them in that, and you could already see it starting to happen.) Basically, I think it took someone like Vala--someone who has seen as much as he has, who was not fazed by the kind of darkness he deals with all the time, who understands his world, and who, most importantly of all, is unbelievably pushy and knows what she wants and won't take no for an answer--to get through to him.

After seeing this episode when it first circulated, I was watching the second half of the season for signs, and it's noticeable that while we the audience get plenty of signs that Vala genuinely cares about Daniel, he doesn't actually see much of it--he's not there (when she's frantic that he's missing), or he's distracted (when Adria mentions her mother's affection for him, and he looks confused but gets caught up in something else almost immediately before he can ask), or he's taken over by an alien consciousness. So as much as I wanted to smack him in that scene, I do think he genuinely thought she was playing with him, especially because he was drawn to her and that would be his biggest fear, and that his cruelty was a way of eliminating what he saw as a threat. He pushed the conversation way farther than it had to go, after all; she'd already backed off and he kept on pushing it.

But anyway, after losing his wife in the first episode and basically ceding all hope of family beyond the team, I actually thought it was a good way for the character to come full circle in the end despite all the damage of the intervening years.
It just struck me that Daniel has never actively pursued anyone. If I remember the theatrical film correctly, Sha're was a gift to Daniel. One he initially intended to return, but Sha're really liked him so he ended up staying married to her. And to use Kira/Linnea as example since she was talked about above, she's the one that made the first move. He's always been passive in relationships and something always came up that stopped the relationships from developing further. Now here's Vala who he has to deal with nearly every day and just won't take no for an answer. Though, after his tirade, I think she would have moved on. Her hurt ended up being the sign Daniel needed to see her feelings were genuine and this wasn't just a game to her.

And you are correct, Daniel has not been privy to many of Vala's expressions of concern and affection for him. I also wonder if Vala believed, wrongly, that her best way to reach him romantically was to keep it light and flirtatious. Perhaps she saw him as so involved with his work that he wasn't looking for a serious commitment when, in reality, that's what he's been needing for years.
Just wanted to thank you for putting The Locket up front in my mind. I lurved that ep. Cried like a babby.

And, btw, Carter and Cam totally had sex. They just didn't tell the writers.