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"Thank you SG1 for ten amazing seasons."

You cancelled the show you bastards! Good grief. Who is running this network?!

Now traveling back in time a few months here was the one thought I had after just finishing watching the finale. And after absorbing it all, there were some coherent and analytical thoughts. I may have more to say later, but I'm actually a little verklempt right now. ::sniff::

ETA: Ok, I lied there are a couple things I want to elaborate on while fresh in my mind. This time around watching Daniel tear into Vala, I didn't hate him quite as much. Yes, I still think he was a colossal asshole and I still wasn't fathoming how he could be that clueless, but then I suddenly felt a tinge of sympathy for the jerk. The reality is, against all better judgment, he did fall for her. And after the loss of his wife and some painful brief encounters, he had worked to convince himself that she couldn't possibly have real feelings for him. She just wanted sex thus making it easy for him to push her away. Putting it in that context I felt sad for him. He's a brilliant scientist, but a very emotionally stunted human being. And one that is damn lucky she forgave him!

Still wish Teal'c had had a more significant part, but there was also something very fitting about him coming in at the end to save them all. Isn't that how the series opened? The team would have been killed if not for him. And that it was Sam's intellect and Teal'c's quite strength that allowed them to continue on through the gate was probably an unintended tribute to the two characters/actors that have been there for the entire ten years.
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