Asta 2

'Friday Night Lights' on DVD

And for only $29.98 retail. Which means Amazon and other discounters will be cheaper. Woo!

Here's the details.

In other news, I saw Ocean's 13 this afternoon. Not as good as 11, but much better than 12. George and Brad were very pretty. Matt wasn't looking too bad either. And can we talk about the clothes? I am constantly impressed by the tailoring in these films. I could quibble about some plot points I don't think made sense. I'm trying to figure out at what point one character got involved in the plan. And poor Ellen Barkin was woefully underutilized (and was forced to wear the worst push up bra ever). But, overall, it was a fun film.
Ooh, that's excellent news, and a very smart move on NBCU's part. I was definitely going to buy the discs, but now I'll save some money! I do wish they'd change the cover art, though. Ugh.